Whilst the seashores are one of the absolute best options of this beautiful Island, the meals in Cyprus is lovely superb too. A mix of Arabic, Turkish and Greek flavors makes exploring the other dishes and absolute best puts to consume in Cyprus a large number of a laugh, whether or not you’re a foodie or now not.

I traveled round Cyprus as a virtual nomad for round 4 months, and I liked attempting all of the absolute best meals in Cyprus. From sheftalies (meatballs) and souvlaki (grilled meat) to scrumptious cheeses. Cypriot meals is actually superb, and tasting the standard dishes in Cyprus is for sure one in every of my favourite issues to do while there.

Easiest Meals in Cyprus

I used to be lucky sufficient to have my pals, who have been raised in Cyprus, display me round and counsel other dishes to me right through my time at the island. From this, I were given a perfect perception into the average dishes in Cyprus, in addition to what the locals prepare dinner at domestic.

They supplied some very good suggestions for what to consume in Cyprus and the place to move. So, let me proportion what I realized under.

1. Souvlaki (Maximum Well-known Meals to Take a look at in Cyprus Total)

Souvlaki is likely one of the most well liked meals in Cyprus. Souvlaki incorporates cubes of meat, of which rooster and red meat are the preferred, which might be marinated and grilled on a skewer.

The beef is most often comfortable and spiced to perfection and the preferred technique to consume it’s in a pitta, with a number of salad and lemon. You’ll virtually indubitably be served souvlaki for those who order a meat meze too.

a delicious cypriot food Souvlaki

Souvlaki isn’t the same as souvla which is any other widespread dish consisting of bigger items of meat cooked over a charcoal barbeque. The variation between the dishes is the dimensions of the beef, the period of time it’s cooked, and the gap from the grill. Necessarily, souvlaki is the mini model of souvla!

You’ll in finding souvlaki in every single place – it’s one of the crucial widespread dish in Cyprus. For lunch, my favourite position to consume souvlaki is Souvlaki.GR in Larnaca. It serves scrumptious comfortable souvlaki (together with different native dishes), at inexpensive costs, and in massive parts. You actually can’t pass incorrect.

Souvlaki.gr Knowledge

Cope with: 67 Archiepiskopou Makariou Side road, 7550 Larnaca, Cyprus.
Telephone: +357 24 650670
Running Hours: 11 am – 11.30 pm (Mon-Fri)
Reasonable Price of Dish: €7
Website online: View their Fb web page right here

2. Halloumi

Halloumi is widespread in a lot of Europe however originated in Cyprus. It’s a cheese constructed from a mix of goat and sheep’s milk, and on occasion cow’s milk too. Halloumi is continuously known as squeaky cheese on account of its texture.

It’s made in the community in Cypriot villages, and taking a excursion to observe the locals making the cheese, having a pass at making it your self, and all importantly tasting some samples, is a actually a laugh technique to spend an afternoon.

Relating to the place to check out it, it’s any other a kind of meals in Cyprus that you simply’ll in finding in each eating place or taverna serving native dishes because it’s any other of the preferred substances at the island.

Whilst it’s most often grilled and absolute best eaten as a part of a meze, I as soon as had it in pasta at Forsos Tavern in Limassol. It was once tremendous scrumptious – I’d for sure counsel including it in your order!

Forsos Tavern Knowledge

Cope with: Αγίου Ελευθερίου 49, Mouttagiaka, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 25 329490
Running Hours: 7.30 pm – Nighttime (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of Dish: €7
Website online: View their Fb web page right here

3. Kleftiko

Kleftiko is a conventional Greek recipe that comes to marinating lamb in olive oil, onion, garlic, and lemon after which cooking in greaseproof paper to ensure the beef takes all of the taste and moisture from the liquid.

Cypriots make Kleftiko the use of a leg of lamb, which could be very comfortable. Continuously, you’ll in finding that the dish comes with potatoes which were cooked in conjunction with the beef and soaked up the scrumptious aromas and flavors from the minimize.

a tender and hearty lamb dish with some sliced of onions and carrots called kleftiko

In the event you’re staying in Nicosia, you should attempt the Kleftiko at Kyriacos. It’s one of the vital well-known puts in Cyprus to consume Kleftiko and is a well-liked position within the town. It’s just about Famagusta gate, their meats are melt-in-your-mouth, and the potatoes are undeniably scrumptious.

Kyriacos Knowledge

Cope with: 6 Vernardaki St, Palouriotissa, Nicosia
Telephone: +357 22 432750
Running Hours: 7 pm – 12:30 am (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of Dish: €15
Website online: View their Fb web page right here

4. Sheftalia

Sheftali or sheftalia (singular) or Sheftalies (plural) are a must-try meals in Cyprus. Sheftali is going completely with souvlaki and is absolute best served with a recent salad.

The sheftali is an easy however tasty sausage made with red meat or lamb shoulder, or on occasion a little bit of each. What actually makes this dish particular and other from a standard sausage, is the herbs and spices used.

In most cases, they function parsley, cinnamon, and mint which makes for an overly fragrant and flavorful sausage.

The name of the game to consuming sheftalies, is to sprinkle a bit of salt and a excellent squeeze of lemon on them. This cuts throughout the oil and actually brings out the flavors.

Once more, you’ll in finding sheftalies in maximum taverns and native eating places, however the most efficient sheftalies I’ve ever eaten have been from Aristos & Kikis. I like to recommend that you simply get a pitta, with souvlaki and sheftalia. They’re crispy however juicy and they’ve simply the best stability of herbs.

Aristos & Kikis Knowledge

Cope with: Αριάδνης, Germasogeia, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 25 323769
Running Hours: 12 pm-12 am (Tues-Solar) closed Mondays
Reasonable Price of Dish: €6
Website online: View their Fb web page right here

5. Moussaka

Moussaka is a casserole or lasagna-type dish that’s made from layered minced meat and eggplant. The dish changed into very talked-about in Greece after the chef Nikolaos Tselementes crowned moussaka with a layer of béchamel sauce, which is now thought to be the Greek method of creating it. It’s completely implausible.

In Cyprus, the minced meat is most often flooring red meat which is cooked with salt, pepper, and cinnamon. Halloumi or anari (any other native Cypriot cheese) may be added to the béchamel too to provide it a fairly cheesier, saltier style.

Greek Moussaka served in white ceramic plate with some parsley aside

Moussaka is likely one of the most well liked meals in Cyprus, and also you’ll in finding it in every single place, whether or not in vacationer eating places or native taverns. In the event you’re staying in Paphos, Argo serves an incredible Moussaka. The serving is basically large so remember to arrive with an urge for food.

Argo Knowledge

Cope with: 21 Paphias Aphrodites, Paphos, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 26 933327
Running Hours: 6-10 pm
Reasonable Price of Dish: €10
Website online: You’ll be able to view their Fb Web page right here

6. Koupepia

Koupepia are very similar to dolmades, crammed vines, or cabbage leaves. On the other hand, the Cypriots have modified the recipe fairly.

Along with the rice, minced meat, and spices that you simply in finding in dolmades, tomato paste, lemon juice, and onions are continuously added to make Koupepia. Koupepia are continuously served chilly too, not like dolmades which might be most often served heat.

In the event you opt for meze at an area tavern, you’ll be served Koupepia. They’re a very talked-about meals in Cyprus, which continuously function in a Sunday lunch with circle of relatives in Cyprus.

If you wish to have to check out Koupepia, and also you’re in Larnaca, head to To Sieradiko. It’s an incredible tavern that serves implausible Koupepia in addition to different meze dishes.

To Sieradiko Knowledge

Cope with: Pavlou Valsamaki 14-16, Larnaca Cyprus
Telephone: +357 99 314723
Running Hours: 5 pm – 11:45 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of Dish: €5
Website online: View their Fb web page right here

7. Pilafi Pourgouri

I like this dish. It’s actually easy, but additionally reasonably tricky to get proper – (I talk from enjoy!). This dish is constructed from bulgar (wheat), tomato purée or sauce, and onion.

It’s most often an aspect dish that is going smartly with souvlaki or sheftalies, and also you’ll in finding it in lots of mezes. It’s a not unusual meals in Cyprus and person who locals make continuously.

A crushed wheat pilaf served in a white bowl

A much less not unusual technique to in finding it cooked is as a breakfast cereal. From time to time it’s boiled with milk to shape a type of oatmeal and eaten with honey or sugar.

You’ll in finding the tomato model of this dish in maximum native tavernas. One who sticks in my thoughts for this actual dish in Cyprus is Militzis Tavern in Larnaca. You’ll be able to get this at the facet of a few scrumptious grilled meat or make a selection it as a starter with some yogurt dip.

Militzis Tavern Knowledge

Cope with: Piale pasha 42, Larnaca 6029 Cyprus
Telephone: +357 24 655867
Running Hours: 12:30 – 11:30 pm (Mon-Fri)
Reasonable Price of Dish: €6
Website online: View their Fb web page right here

8. Makaorionia Tou Fournou

Makaronia tou Fournou, or Cypriot Pastitsio, is one in every of my favourite conventional meals in Cyprus.

It’s constructed from macaroni pasta, minced meat, spices, and béchamel sauce. It’s an oven-baked dish that appears a bit of like moussaka when it’s performed.

The Cypriot model differs from the Greek model because of using halloumi cheese and mint which supplies it a recent and creamy style. It’s a vastly widespread meals in Cyprus and bureaucracy a part of a regular meal right through the week.

At eating places, it’s continuously a part of a meat meze, which is a wonderful technique to order this along numerous different scrumptious and conventional dishes in Cyprus.

In the event you’re exploring the implausible Cypriot village of Omodos then pop into Ambelothea Tavern to check out Makaronia tou Fournou. It’s situated simply off the primary sq. and is an original taverna to check out this standard meals in Cyprus.

Ambelothea Tavern Knowledge

Cope with: E601 a1 Omodos 50225, Omodos, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 2542 1366
Running Hours: Each day, 12 pm to ten.30 pm
Reasonable Price of Dish: €10

9. Stifado

Stifado is an unbelievable pork stew cooked in a purple wine and tomato sauce. It’s a well-liked and well-known primary meal in Cyprus and it’s simple to peer why – it’s scrumptious.

The stew most often contains potatoes, chunks of pork, entire, small onions, greens, spices, purple wine, and cognac. The purple wine is continuously Maratheftiko, an area, widespread purple wine. There’s continuously a sweetness to the sauce from using cinnamon and cloves.

A close-up of Greek stifado with some parsley on top

In the beginning, it’s believed that Stifado was once introduced over to Cyprus through the Venetians. The Cypriots then added tomatoes to absolute best their take in this hearty dish.

Stifado is historically served in a clay pot, immediately from the oven. It’s served with rice or bulgar wheat and is a scrumptious staple meals of Cyprus.

It’s a perfect choice within the wintry weather and shoulder months in Cyprus, when the temperatures are a bit of cooler; it’s certain to heat you up and stay you glad.

In the event you’re in Paphos, do this dish at any of the native, Cypriot tavernas. Hondros, (claimed because the oldest conventional taverna in Paphos), provides this scrumptious area of expertise down through the harbor.

Hondros Knowledge

Cope with: Apostolou Pavlou Ave, Paphos, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 2693 4256
Running Hours: Each day, 12 pm to 9 pm
Reasonable Price of Dish: €15

10. Tzatziki

After I call to mind standard Cyprus meals, Tzatziki is best of the checklist. It’s widespread all over the world and particularly so in Cyprus, the place it’s served with maximum foods.

Tzatziki is a must-try dish in Cyprus for those who haven’t attempted it sooner than. It’s a deliciously mild yogurt dip mixed with cucumber, garlic, salt, oil, and most often lemon juice.

In Cyprus, it’s served with pitta bread and makes a scrumptious starter or perhaps a bar snack for those who’re feeling puckish. In the event you’re ordering a meze, there’ll virtually for sure be Tzatziki as a part of the procession of conventional Cypriot meals introduced in your desk.

You’ll in finding Tzatziki on each menu of each Greek and Cypriot eating place in Cyprus. I liked it as a part of a big meze within the very good Meze Taverna Eating place in Outdated The city Limassol.

Meze Taverna Eating place Knowledge

Cope with: Agiou Andreou 209, Limassol 3036, Cyprus.
Telephone: +357 2536 7333.
Running Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12 pm to nighttime, closed on Sundays
Reasonable Price of Dish: €2 – €4
Website online: www.mezetaverna.com

11. Tirokafteri

Some other not unusual meals in Cyprus, and any other dip. Tirokafteri is one in every of my favourite snacks in Cyprus and it’s scrumptious with some pitta bread and a chilly beer.

Tirokafteri is a cheese dip or unfold constructed from feta cheese, yogurt, garlic, chili pepper, and olive oil. It has a definite stage of spice to it which is most probably why I adore it such a lot.

a cheese dip or spread made from feta cheese, yogurt, garlic, chili pepper, and olive oil

Tirokafteri is often eaten by itself as a snack with pitta bread, or as a part of a meze meal. It’s absolute best when unfold on heat pitta bread and has turn out to be one in every of my favourite meals in Cyprus.

In the event you’re in Protaras, I’d counsel the classically named, Conventional Cypriot Taverna Protaras which serves Tirokafteri as a starter or as a part of a meze.

Conventional Cyprus Tavern Protaras Knowledge

Cope with: Leoforos Ksenodoxeion 26, 5289, Protaras, Cyprus.
Running Hours: Each day right through summer time, 10 am till 11 pm
Reasonable Price of Dish: €2 – €4

12. Tsoureki Bread

Tsoureki is a candy bread, like a brioche, that’s flavored with substances like mahlab, cardamom, and vanilla. It’s a scrumptious, comfortable bread that’s historically eaten at Easter.

It’s also known as Lambrosomo or Lambrojouloura with Lambri that means Easter. It’s completely scrumptious and for those who’re visiting round Easter, you’ll be capable to in finding it simply in all of the bakeries.

I attempted Tsoureki bread at Pier One in Limassol. It’s served as a breakfast dish with feta and scrambled eggs. Whilst I wouldn’t have put it in combination myself, I’m so happy they did, because it’s implausible. I wholeheartedly counsel a talk over with for those who’re in Limassol and fancy a scrumptious brunch.

Pier One Knowledge

Cope with: Limassol 3042, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 25 022375
Running Hours: 9am-11:30pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of Dish: €4 from a bakery, €16 for brunch
Website online: http://pierone.com.cy/

13. Spanakopita

Spanakopita, or spinach pie, is a scrumptious, baked delicacy in Cyprus. This pie has been impressed through Greek cusine and is constructed from layers of buttery filo pastry with a spinach and cheese filling.

The standard Greek recipe makes use of feta cheese while the Cypriot model, in fact, makes use of halloumi in conjunction with feta.

A selective focus of Spanakopita

Each are extensively to be had in Cyprus and are continuously present in bakeries and occasional stores. They arrive in both squares or rolls and are scrumptious with espresso as a mid-morning snack.

One among my favourite issues to do in Limassol is to talk over with L. a. Croissanterie for a frappé espresso and a slice of Spanakopita. There are many Croissanterie cafes in Cyprus, however my favorites are alongside the seashore highway in Limassol. Take a drink, and a slice of pie, and revel in some people-watching.

L. a. Croissanterie Knowledge

Cope with: Vasileos Georgiou, 95 Germasogeia, 4048, Cyprus, (and lots of others to be had throughout Cyprus).
Running Hours: 6 am – 11 pm day by day
Reasonable Price of Dish: €3

14. Baklava

Baklava is a vastly widespread meals in Cyprus, continuously eaten on the finish of a meal accompanied through Cypriot tea or espresso.

It’s a actually candy dish, constructed from layers of filo pastry and overwhelmed nuts (most often pistachios) which might be then soaked in syrup or honey. It units to make a scrumptious, sticky chunk. Baklava is continuously served in small squares for simply the correct amount of sweetness.

Baklava is widespread right through the Heart East and dates again to Roman occasions. Maximum nations upload their very own aptitude to this tasty dish and in Cyprus, you’ll in finding a large number of baklavas have cinnamon and lemon juice added to provide it its personal distinctive taste.

In the event you’re in Limassol, you’ll be able to attempt a variety of various and scrumptious flavors of baklava on the implausible Zorbas Bakery. This native chain has a perfect number of a wide variety of candy treats which is able to stay you coming again for extra.

Zorbas Bakery Knowledge

Cope with: Georgiou Griva Digeni 109, Road 3101, Cyprus, (but additionally discovered all over the place Limassol).
Telephone: +357 2536 0031
Running Hours: Open 24 hours an afternoon, each day
Reasonable Price of Dish: €1 – €6 (relying on whether or not you’re in a cafe or a bakery).
Website online: www.zorbas.com.cy/en

15. Loukoumades

Loukoumades are small spherical doughnuts served with honey, syrup, cinnamon, nuts, or simply undeniable in Cyprus. It’s one in every of my favourite dessert meals in Cyprus. An indication of fine loukoumades is when they’ve a difficult external and a comfortable, doughy within.

They’re most often served as a dessert in native tavernas, however there also are stores and bakeries that promote them throughout Cyprus. My favourite is My Candy’s Loukoumades in Limassol.

A plate of loukoumades with honey and cinnamon

They best them with all types of scrumptious toppings together with melted chocolate, ice cream, pâtisserie cream, cinnamon sugar… actually any deal with it is advisable consider. You’ve got to check out this position if in case you have a candy teeth.

My Candy’s Loukoumades Knowledge

Cope with: Kitiou Kyprianou 51, Limassol 3041, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 25 762555
Running Hours: 2-11 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of Dish: Between €3-€8 (relying on topping and amount).
Website online: View their Fb web page right here

Meals Excursions in Cyprus

One of the vital absolute best tactics to check out the implausible meals of Cyprus is through taking a excursion. Those implausible day journeys take you into the center of Cyprus to enjoy actually conventional meals and wine that in all probability you wouldn’t in finding in a different way.

Ktima Vassiliades vineyard in cyprus

Troodos Village Meals and Vineyard Excursion

Moderately perhaps one of the simplest ways to check out one of the absolute best widespread meals in Cyprus, in addition to some native wine. A fantastic 1-day mountain excursion during which you’ll talk over with conventional Cypriot villages.

You’ll attempt do-it-yourself halloumi, honey, village bread, and wines, and also you’ll revel in a complete meze lunch too.

Halloumi Making Excursion

That is without equal conventional meals excursion for the ones in need of to get again to fundamentals and actually perceive the artwork of creating what’s reasonably perhaps probably the most well-known dish in Cyprus.

The implausible native Cypriot hosts will information you into the Troodos Mountains and to a cheese-making workshop. You’ll make your personal cheese in addition to preventing at quite a lot of different puts for olive oil, honey, conventional candies, wine, and extra.

Inexperienced Line Meals Excursion

In the event you’re visiting Nicosia, then this implausible 3-hour meals excursion alongside the Inexperienced Line is a singular and unforgettable enjoy. Guided through the very good Eleni, you’ll find out about lifestyles on this divided capital town and the original aggregate of cultures and meals it produces.

Buffer Zone in Nicosia, Cyprus near the famous Ledra Street.

You’ll attempt Armenian boulevard meals, talk over with one of the crucial oldest bakeries in Nicosia and revel in lunch in a conventional Taverna. A extremely rated and very good excursion.

Style of Cyprus Excursion

If you wish to mix attempting some conventional native meals in Cyprus with an creation to Cypriot artwork and wine, then this 1-day cultural excursion from Paphos is a wonderful technique to enjoy native traditions.

You’ll talk over with an area smokehouse for home-smoked meats, a chocolate manufacturing facility in Platres, forestall at one of the absolute best native villages in Cyprus, and pass wine tasting at an area vineyard – the total works and a very good cultural enjoy!

Cyprus Meals FAQs

Listed here are some often requested questions on Cyprus meals.

What are probably the most conventional meals in Cyprus?

Halloumi, olives, and souvlaki are one of the most standard (and scrumptious) meals in Cyprus.

What time is dinner in Cyprus?

Cypriots, like many within the Mediterranean, generally tend to consume dinner later as soon as the solar has set. Be expecting eating places to open from round 7 pm and to get busy from 8 pm onwards.

What time is lunch in Cyprus?

Lunch is most often served and eaten between noon and a couple of.30 pm. It will probably both be a lighter snack, because of the warmth, or a complete meal.

What time is breakfast in Cyprus?

Breakfast is taken anytime between 7 am and 10 am in Cyprus.

Do you tip in Cyprus?

As with many portions of Europe, tipping is favored, however it’s now not mandatory. Usually, a tip of 10% for a cafe meal is the norm and is very much favored through the team of workers.

What’s the preferred meals in Cyprus?

Grilled kebabs akin to souvlaki are arguably the preferred meals in Cyprus, in conjunction with their well-known halloumi cheese, stifado pork stew, and scrumptious baklava cakes.

What’s a conventional Cypriot breakfast?

A standard cooked Cypriot breakfast contains eggs, halloumi cheese, lountza meat (red meat), cucumber, and tomato. Chances are you’ll in finding figs and jams on raw diversifications of breakfast.

Does Cyprus have excellent meals?

Cyprus has implausible meals. For me, Cyprus meals is one of the absolute best within the Mediterranean because of its distinctive geographical location which provides a mixture of clean Med seafood and Heart Jap influences.

In Conclusion

There’s some superb meals in Cyprus to be attempted, examined, and gobbled. Cyprus delicacies is numerous with a number of superb flavors, and my favourite factor about it’s that you’ve tastes from all over the place the arena.

There are such a lot of other dishes to check out; my recommendation is to reserve a couple of other mezes from some native tavernas. It’s an incredible method to check out a number of the other meals in Cyprus that function on this checklist in a single sitting. Other tavernas will come with other dishes and takes on every plate, in order that they’re nice a laugh to check out out.

I am hoping this is helping making a decision what to consume in Cyprus and will provide you with a kick off point on the place initially all of the scrumptious meals!