Planning a visit to one of the ancient cities in Japan -Sapporo. It  is not only filled with sightseeing places but it is also home to one of the bustling shopping streets in the country. Get onboard on an amazing journey with convenient flights to Sapporo for a relaxing travel experience.

Don’t miss these best places to visit in Sapporo!

  1. Okura Ski Jump Stadium (Ōkurayama-Schanze)

One of the most famous tourist spots is the Ōkurayama Ski Jump Stadium; it also goes by the name Ōkurayama-Schanze. Sports lovers would appreciate this massive skiing venue which is built in Chūō-Ku, Sapporo, Hokkaidō. The stadium is well-known as a host for the winter sports that comprised the 1972 Winter Olympics and FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2007. The virtual ski jump is an incredibly fun activity and the night views from the Okurayama Observatory are excellent. The scenic view of the Ishikari plain and Ishikari Harbor and the entire city with the illuminating lights are breathtaking. You can reach the Observatory by ski lift. The visitors find it thrilling to see the exhibits of the museum as it gives a glimpse of the athletic history. Participate in the interactive museum and enjoy ice hockey, speed skating, ski jumping in simulators, and more.


2. Odori Park

An unmissable attraction of the Hokkaido Prefecture’s capital city is the picturesque Odori Park. This is the place to get the best views of the city in all the seasons, a place synonymous with relaxation and tranquillity. This expansive park serves as a famous tourist spot in Sapporo. Its noteworthy snow festival is the biggest key feature to draw visitors’ attention. The park is vast and covers up to 1.5 km starting from the TV tower through the Maruyama neighborhood. The visitors get a clear view of downtown Sapporo from here as it is located in the city center. This park gives a reason to celebrate life whether for a family day out, a chilling day with colleagues and friends or just to relax all by yourself leaving behind the noisy city. The youth brighten up the evenings with many activities like skating, performances, etc. The seasonal food and beer festivals are incredible and popular. With snow sculptures calling for fun activities in February and harvest markets in September, this park brings a unique refreshment with every season.

3. Sapporo Beer Museum

If you have a fetish for beer then you’re at the right place. Sapporo Beer is one of the most exquisite and popular brands in Japan. It is known for its great taste and the amazing aging process of the beer. The breweries have been in Sapporo since 1877 making it one of the richest and tastiest beers. The museum talks about beer making history in Japan. The exhibitions are great to understand the process of brewing amazing beer. The Sapporo Beer Garden is near the museum and includes some restaurants. Some of the famous foods to try are all-you-can-eat mutton BBQ and the local flavourful dish that reminds the Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan. You can visit the museum shop where an array of Sapporo Beer merchandise and snacks are available.

4.Mount Moiwa

A must-visit of Sapporo city is the beautiful and irreplaceable holiday destination Mount Moiwa. It is the most famous mountain standing at a height of 535 meters nestled almost in the city center. The visitors get a complete view of the city from the top of the mountain. Also, spectacles like Ishikari Bay and Ishikari Plain are visible from here. It is just like the jewel in the crown as it shines through the breezy nights in the glittering city offering majestic views and thus known as a hotspot of tourists. The Mt. Moiwa Ropeway is a beautiful aerial lift with breathtaking views of the city. Passing through the ropeway is a sensational journey as you get to enjoy a roller coaster ride in Morris’ car to Mount Moiwa’s summit. The walking trail to the summit is an inspiring experience to look at nature closely. You can also enjoy delectable French cuisine in a lavish restaurant here without which the journey remains incomplete. 

5.Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade

Tanuki Koji came into existence in 1869 which depicts its long history. It is one of the most organic shopping streets in the world as the shops and eateries started to create their presence spontaneously. The shopping arcade has been developed so that the public can safely shop. The shopping streets buzz with locals and tourists from all over the world. Since the shoppers get to choose from over a whopping 200 street shops they get a wide variety of options to pick the best products. The market boasts shops that sell amazing colorful and trendy clothes, hi-tech gadgets and modern devices, stylish footwear, toys, and much cute stuff that can be bought as souvenirs like keychains, ceramic items, etc. Besides shopping, the mouth-watering restaurants and bars have massive consumers. It is a roofed area that runs between Odori and Susukino subways. Additionally, it is well known as a host for some quirky festivities all through the year.