Las Vegas has for a long time been the center of attention when it comes to grand casinos. Who wouldn’t enjoy that shining metropolis in the Mojave Desert?

It’s home to the poshest hotels and high rolling casinos, known all over the globe from movies and pictures in magazines.

However, this was perhaps all the motivation this industry needed to glow. The recent casino industry statistics generally show a huge surge, especially with mobile casinos making gambling available even from home. Still, some gamblers find it more preferable to visit a physical casino wherever possible; some of them may be closer to you than you thought.

Physical vs. Online Casinos

With the rise of digitalization, a lot of services have gone online. That also counts for casinos. There are a myriad of online gambling platforms that offer their games on their websites.

The main characteristic of these casinos is the abundance of games. Also, they offer a wide area where every player gets a chance to play whenever they want. From roulette, poker and baccarat, to slots and other games – everything is available. And that at any time. Furthermore, a lot of online casinos offer bonus offers and promotions. Users can claim new free spins no deposit offers, to get started with their game.

Still, gambling in real casinos stays a popular activity for many avid gamers. Most casinos offer a wide variety of the most well-known games, personalized customer service and are often set in special settings, making for a luxurious atmosphere and a one-time-experience. Luxurious casinos can be found all over the world – these are some of the most impressive ones:

6 Luxury Casinos to Visit

1.   Casino Jet Lounge – A Casino in the Air

Casino lovers with a phobia of water transport will find Casino Jet Lounge the perfect spot. Although it might have several restrictions concerning the number of games and the gambling machines used; it’s still among the best gambling spots in the World. The gambling scene is set beyond the clouds, with a luxurious comfort you can never imagine. So, if you are in for an adventure, find yourself a spot in this casino.

2.   The Kurhaus – Baden-Baden, Germany

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is one of the oldest casinos in the world. It has been operating since 1820, offering services as one of the most expensive hotels and casinos. It’s never parked with huge crowds of tourists and regular casino patrons disturbing your peace. The hotel’s acclaimed spa promises the most exquisite choice for those who need some wellness experiences after or before they gamble.

3.   The Bellagio – Las Vegas

It’s hard to make a list of world-known casinos without Las Vegas in the picture. At the center of this vicinity is Bellagio. It’s listed among the largest hotels ever, designed for celebrities and “normal” people alike. You may be wondering how the casino became so popular. Well, it featured in the all-time movie Ocean’s Eleven. Also, it’s known for amazing water fountain shows that light up Las Vegas for tourists. That’s just a bonus to its world-class games.

4.   Sun City Resort and Casino – South Africa

The Sun City Resort and Casino is another place that will give you the attention high roller gamblers expect. If you are ever in South Africa and need a place to stay and play casino games, then this is your spot. The casino promises a setup that is far beyond the African Safari experience, and it’s only a two-hour drive from the capital Johannesburg. This world-class gambling spot packs slots, blackjack, roulette, and almost any other great casino game, especially in its private quarters.

5.   Desert Cave – Australia

If you find yourself in the home of kangaroos and need an exotic gambling spot, head to Desert Cave. The casino is literally located in the desert cave of Australia. It’s among the many high-end casinos that define Australia, operating since 1915. Imagine a casino facility that wasn’t built but carved from rocky desert hills. There is always beauty in such places, which is modernized to meet the highest standards. Although it has strict restrictions, getting in offers everything but disappointment.

6.   Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino – Balearic Islands, Spain

Ibiza is known for its beautiful beaches and a luxurious hotel scene. But when the sun goes down, visitors get to meet a whole new side of the Island. Overlooking the marina and the Old Town, Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino comes to life with great vibrance. It opens a haven of romance and a perfect getaway for those who wish to play on tables and slot machines with an exotic background.