India is a globally famous tourism destination that attracts several tourists from all over the world offering endless attractions & activities such as religious monuments, historical cities, backwaters, art & architecture, tradition, heritage monuments, beaches, history, historical places, hills stations, & culture. There are many magnificent tourist places to see India that you will love to visit, explore & enjoy on your tours and travels by Luxury Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi in the fascinating country of India.

Travel like there’s no tomorrow, lose yourself to find yourself, and whatever you will explore today will last for a lifetime with you. So, let’s have a look at some top tourist places in India you must visit with your loved ones before you turn 30. Now, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags & head towards a journey to scratch off a few amazing destinations from your bucket list. It’s time to explore yourself to visit these best tourist places in India. Take a look!


Meghalaya is the refreshing holiday destination in India famed as the Scotland of the East, comprising of reviving greens & mighty mountains, must be explored once in a lifetime. If you are not afraid of insects, heights, tight spaces, & darkness, then it is a great adventure in Meghalaya for you.


Almora is a beautiful hill town shaped like a horse-shoe in Uttarakhand, where the rare wildlife and mighty Himalayan ranges make this dream destination for every nature lover. Its beauty & pleasant climate had won the heart of Mahatma Gandhi too & also famous for handicrafts and traditional cuisines.


Many tourists visit this beautiful place to perform the holy ritual of Rudrabhishek in the holy month. So if you are seeking some spiritual vibes & positivity, visit this place. Visit Nandan Pahar and Baba Baidyanath Temple in Deoghar.


Kodaikanal is the richest blessing of nature in Tamil Nadu, translating into “the gift of the forests”. It is the best place to visit in India with your loved ones, lush forests encircled by the hills and filled with pillar formations and cascading waterfalls.


Mahabaleshwar is the perfect picturesque tourist destination in India, with refreshing retreats that the Western Ghats have as an offer to travelers or tourists. Your visit to Mahabaleshwar will be wrapped in mist and guided by the clouds from the cascading waterfalls to the lush green ghats.


Lonavala is the most-visited hill station in Maharashtra, the popular destination for trekking, camping, and other thrilling sports. It is a must-visit place for all nature lovers that allures tourists with its beauty, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and forests.


Nalanda is a significant Buddhist seat of academic excellence wrapped in the spiritual aura, a well-established pilgrim center. Also, it is a sooting destination that offers a beautiful fusion of beauty, spirituality, culture, history, & tourism. Visit here at Stupa of Sariputra, Jal Mandir, and Black Buddha Temple.

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Kutch is a top tourist place to visit in India before you turn 30. Travel to the no man’s land amidst the famous Thar Desert, the seasonal salt marsh during the kite festival where the sky comes with oversized and vibrant kites.


Allow your spirit to soak in the Raas-Leela of Vrindavan at this beautiful place that celebrates Krishna’s living philosophy. Here you will get the best experience of your life with the ecstatic festival and celebration of colors. Also, you can visit some beautiful attractions here such as Vishram Ghat, Government Museum, Krishna Balaram Mandir, Jama Mosque, Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi, Kans Quila, and Prem Mandir Vrindavan.


The picturesque hill town famous across the world, silent, serene, & splendid is what Ziro is synonymous with, famous for its famous Ziro festival. From the rice fields to the misty mountains, it is a must-visit tourist place to visit in India.


Jabalpur is the best tourist place to visit in India before you turn 30. Taking a trip to these stunning white waterfalls will leave you spellbound, which emanates a mist of smoke. Visit Marble Rocks, Bhawartal Garden, Dumna Nature Reserve Park, Dhuandhar Falls, Madan Mahal, and Rani Durgavati Museum in Jabalpur.


The Kanha National Park is a famous place to visit situated in the central region of Madhya Pradesh, the well-known tiger reserves. It is also known as the best park in Asia, which shelters around 22 species of large mammals, where people visit to enjoy an exciting wildlife safari.

If you are a true lover of beauty and want to explore incredible India, you can pay a visit to these top tourist places in India before turning 30 with your loved ones to enjoy all of them with your heart’s content. Explore these popular tourist attractions by booking a Luxury Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi to make your trip more memorable because the time is now! Plan now to have the best time of your life!