Immerse yourself during your stay in Athens, Greece by visiting a spa.In these magical spaces that can take all fatigue and stress away from us.

Close your eyes and a total body massage for super relaxation or a facial treatment for glowing skin. Below we have the five best hotel spas in Athens and some of their nicest treatments, because no matter what we do, the holidays call for relaxation with a dose of glamour.

Divanni Apollo hotel
DIVANI Apollon Palace & Thalasso in Kavouri is the most organized spa center, and the only thalassotherapy center in the capital. It is among the largest spas in Europe and has been awarded by the World Travel Awards as the top SPA in it. Within 3,500 sq.m. you will find everything you desire: treatment, relaxation and rejuvenation while the close proximity to the sea gives your treatment a sense of escape that perfectly complements your rejuvenation.

  Try the method "Eu Zin" which is a muscle-relaxing massage with organic Greek olive oil enriched with organic Greek lavender essential oil. One of the most relaxing massages you can have is the “St. Barth Harmony Pampering Body Massage" in which you can choose between warm coconut oil, avocado oil, ivy extract gel or menthol oil as well as the "St. Barth Chill Out” an intensely relaxing treatment that uses a specific type of clam with self-heating properties. As for the body, there is the treatment with 100% natural seaweed for detoxification and replenishment of minerals, the holistic body treatment for slimming, the one for detoxification and relaxation using 100% mud from the Dead Sea as well as cryotherapy for cellulite treatment , epidermal laxity and local thickness.

Coccoun urban Spa

Another great place of relaxation and rejuvenation is the Cocoon Urban Spa in Chalandri area. Particularly atmospheric, it offers a wide range of treatments such as facial and body massages, scrubs, aromatherapy and much more. The 'Double Herbal Nirvana', a ceremony with elements from India and Thailand, is essentially a full massage that begins with healing herbs, wrapped in linen pouches, which are steamed before being placed on the body parts where you feel intense pain. Warm herbs relax tight muscles and soothe inflammation, followed by a relaxing full-body massage.

"Ayurveda Journey" is a treatment based on the Indian philosophy of ayurveda, which aims to restore innate harmony and relieve you of all kinds of stress to enjoy the holidays even more.
The "Hatsumomo" session is a combination of treatments with elements from the Far East. Here you'll get an exfoliation with sandalwood and bamboo bark, a green tea and clay mask, a warm bath with lemongrass-scented salts, and finally, a head-to-toe massage with lime, ylang-ylang and petitgrain essential oils. You will also find treatments suitable for pregnant women which prevent stretch marks, relieve the waist and legs.

Holmes Place
Holmes Place spas are ideal for a pampering after shopping or work. They are located in very central locations in Marousi, Athens and Glyfada and provide a range of powerful treatments that will not only relax you but also rejuvenate you. The Holmes Place Relaxing Massage is a unique massage experience that helps reduce fatigue and restore strength and balance. A combination of specialized massage techniques combining hot stones with hot packs which are placed on the chakras to activate the Kundalini energy For detoxification you will have a "Lymphatic Drainage massage", i.e. a lymphatic drainage massage that helps to remove various toxins that are stored in the tissues and helps both the health of the immune system and your skin to be and look rejuvenated. If the tension you have is concentrated in your head, then the Indian Head Massage is right for you. You will feel your head, neck and shoulders much lighter. For a full treatment that combines relaxation with beauty, choose the 'Secret of Argan' which includes a full body exfoliation, a relaxing body massage with beurre d'Arganier, a highly nourishing butter and a facial massage with argan oil for regeneration and skin anti-aging.