BioHarvest Sciences Inc. (CSE:BHSC, OTC:CNVCF) has unveiled the composition profile of its full-spectrum cannabis produced from large-scale industrial bioreactors based on its proprietary Bio-Plant CELLicitation platform.

BioHarvest told investors testing has demonstrated that the composition profile includes the cannabis compounds THC, CBD, CBG, THCV, CBDV and CBC, as well as the terpenes Beta-caryophyllene, Beta-panasinsene and Selina, in addition to other minor cannabinoids.

The profile and ratio between the cannabinoids is unique, BioHarvest said, allowing potential patents to be filed.

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BioHarvest was the first company to announce that it could produce cannabis biomass without growing the plant itself. The group is now gearing up for potential cannabis commercialization – optimizing the manufacturing process, perfecting measurement techniques, transitioning the two-ton per year facility to cannabis and applying for the necessary regulatory approvals, it said.

“These achievements are remarkable and demonstrate the ability to produce unique and consistent cannabis compositions that would have been impossible using conventional agriculture,” said Zohar Kerem, head of the food chemistry labs of the Robert H Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

“I have been closely watching the application of BioHarvest’s Bio-Plant CELLicitation technology to cannabis, and I am confident that advanced analysis techniques will become available soon to further unveil the cannabinoid’s richness of the unique BioHarvest’s compositions.”

Unique composition offers benefits

BioHarvest’s cannabis products are unique because they are composed primarily of trichomes, which are considered the plant’s natural “mini-factories” that produce active cannabis ingredients. Because conventional cannabis products contain other parts of the flower that create a bitter taste, BioHarvest said its trichome-dominant products could be well-suited to food and beverage applications.

In addition, BioHarvest said the unique shape of its trichomes could provide for enhanced solubility and bio-availability of the product, allowing lower doses to achieve the same desired effects in users.

“Our consistent, clean and efficacious cannabis, produced with the highest ESG credentials and capital efficiency, has received a significant boost with the latest conclusive composition profile information,” CEO Ilan Sobel said in a statement.

“This rich full-spectrum combination of cannabinoids and terpenes with unique ratios is very promising for addressing medical conditions otherwise treated by synthetic drugs with significant negative side effects. The reduced bitterness taste and the potential improved solubility of our products amount to a game-changer for integration of full-spectrum cannabis into the food and beverage industry.”

BioHarvest plans to bring its first cannabis products to market in 2022 and will be converting the current VINIA facility in Rehovot, Israel to produce cannabis.

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