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Discover Dubai’s Marine Thrills

Discover Dubai’s Marine Thrills

Dubai is not all sun and sand. The desert may be mesmerizing to the wide-eyed wanderer, but an equally captivating treasure in Dubai is its rich and sparkling blue seas. Nestled at the entrance to the Persian Gulf, the waters off Dubai are a veritable reminder of a resplendent history and culture that traces its roots from the seas. Pearl diving, fishing, and seafaring were huge industries back in the days. The early settlers sailed the oceans to trade their goods with neighboring countries. And while pearl diving literally took a dive in the 1940s, fishing continues to thrive to this day, both for business and pleasure.

Amidst all the tall buildings and manmade wonders, tourists can still relive the good old days of Dubai through different marine leisure activities. Exciting yacht rental in Dubai, nostalgic dhow cruises, thrilling deep sea fishing, and adrenaline-pumping water sports are available all over the city’s beaches for anyone to avail.

Dhow cruise

Feel the nostalgia onboard a traditional Arabian dhow as it cruises along breathtaking sites in Dubai. From this wooden sailing vessel, you can see the seamless merging of the ancient and the contemporary wonders of this Arab paradise. You can take a dhow cruise along the Dubai Creek where you can see the wonders of Old Dubai, or along Dubai Marina where towering skyscrapers and luxurious yachts line the canal. Onboard, you are treated to sumptuous buffet dinner of international, Arab, and Asian cuisine, refreshing drinks, soothing music, and extraordinary entertainment like a magic show or a Tanoura dance.

Yacht charter

To get a whole new view of the city’s stunning skyline, watch it from the seas by taking a luxurious yacht rental in Dubai. Several companies offer yacht charter services, and take you on a relaxing cruise past the Dubai Marina and out to the Dubai seas. You are treated to fantastic views of the iconic Burj Al Arab and Atlantis The Palm as your yacht cruises around Palm Jumeirah. You can go on a day cruise and feel the warm sun and the refreshing sea breeze on your face; or you can take a sunset cruise where you can watch the golden Arabian sun slowly drift down the horizon. Night cruises are also available if you want to see the Dubai panorama light up in the cool evenings.

Deep sea fishing

With seas teeming in marine life, tourists, residents and locals will surely enjoy a fun fishing adventure in Dubai. Yachts and fishing boats are equipped with state-of-the-art fish-finding SONAR and complimentary fishing gear so you are guaranteed a catch that you can cook and eat onboard. The boat captain and crew are expert anglers, and they would be happy to assist you and give you tips and tricks on fishing. Kingfish, sailfish, hammour, grouper, barracuda, and trevally are among the many different fishes that you can catch in Dubai.


Having all these sparkling waters and clear blue skies for most of the year, watersports are also popular past times in Dubai. In addition to swimming and snorkeling, you can also go kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Beaches and resorts lining the Dubai coastline as well as in the East Coast of the UAE are perfect venues for these invigorating water adventures.

Dhow tours to Musandam

Only a couple of hours away from Dubai, spending the entire day on a cruise along the Musandam peninsula in Oman is a must-do for tourists. You can choose a tour to Dibba or to Khasab, both equally scenic and charming natural sites. In Dibba, you can enjoy lunch on an Omani dhow, banana boat rides, hand-line fishing, swimming, and diving in freshwater pools. In Khasab, you can have fun times with playful dolphins and fantastic views of the Hajar Mountains as your dhow cruises through the stunning fjords.

So if you love the seas, a taste of these marine thrills should be in your list when spending your vacation in Dubai.