FoodFrogs is Set to Revolutionize the Food and Beverage Industry with the Launch of Unique NFTs

FoodFrog’s NFT collection includes unique digital artwork that promises to delight food connoisseurs, digital investors, and art collectors. FoodFrog’s partnership with celebrities and restaurants is driving massive interest in their NFT collection.

UNITED STATES – FoodFrogs is excited to announce its unique NFT project, which is the first of its kind NFT marketplace for food and beverages. The project is hosted on the popular marketplace OpenSea. The NFT collection has a total of 10,000 manually done NFTs, which differentiates it from other programmatically generated art. The NFTs will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain that powers the majority of digital art and collectibles.

Sharing the details about the project, Josh, COO at FoodFrogs added, “We are thrilled to launch our first NFT project with a vision to bring about a transformation in the food and beverage sector. We are confident our NFT project will truly hold its value and reward the NFT owners. Our talented and passionate team has put in significant efforts in the development of this awesome NFT collection. The bundled membership benefits to the NFT holders will make our offering highly attractive for digital art collectors. With some incredible partnerships in place, the demand for our collection is growing every day. We invite NFT enthusiasts and especially the foodies to own a piece of this wonderful collection.”

The notable collection will see a limited run of just 10,000 100% original art pieces, with some being rarer than others. The collection has 2000 female food frogs and 8000 male food frogs. It has over 296 food and beverage traits including mouth expression, headwear, earrings, eyewear and eyes, hands, neckwear, backgrounds, unique skin, and clothing. It’s an ERC 721 token and is hosted on IPFS.

Purchasing one of these NFTs will give owners access to the marketplace with membership and rewards. NFT Holders can look forward to exclusive access to the Kitchen, which is an exclusive community for stakeholders in the food and beverage industry, including chefs, restaurant owners, executives, suppliers, foodies, and more. Kitchen Members get special privileges such as access to food industry events in real life and the metaverse.

“All frog holders will receive a complimentary pass to an upcoming conference in 2022. Frog holders also get a percentage of sales/rewards from the marketplace as well as from the merchandise and a video game launched in the FoodFrog metaverse,” explains Josh. “You get to use your FoodFrog at restaurants and will be able to eat custom dishes and enjoy custom menus not offered to non-frog patrons. Your frog also gives you access pass to the metaverse which will include cooking classes and chefs preparing custom dishes in front of you.”

In recent years, the popularity of NFTs has grown enormously with new collections springing up every day. Digital investors all over the world are beginning to take a keen interest in this new asset class. As a result, the use of NFTs as collectibles is also on the rise in various niches such as games, digital arts, etc. There are several success stories of NFT collections that have multiplied in value over a short period, making them an attractive asset class for investors and collectors.

According to analysts, the global NFT market is worth billions of dollars. The rapid growth in the NFT market has certainly turned heads and the number of participants in the NFT space has jumped many folds in the last few months.

FoodFrogs NFT collection has been launched with a vision to harness the blockchain and NFT technology to build an integrated economic and social structure, that will benefit the NFT owners. The NFT token is packed with several membership benefits which will make the collection appealing to digital investors across the world. Investors can expect to get compensated through the value created by the DeFi and NFT ecosystem.

FoodFrogs NFT collection has all the elements to rapidly appreciate in value. It has partnered up with several famous restaurants and celebrities including Guy Fieri, a well-known name in the food circuit. These partnerships have skyrocketed the popularity of FoodFrog NFTs resulting in increased trading volumes. It is a great opportunity for online investors and digital art collectors to get in early on the action and get their hands on this unique collection. As more digital investors become proud owners of FoodFrogs NFTs, the floor price will go up fast.

You can buy a FoodFrog by minting one directly off their website. The website provides easy-to-follow steps to mint a FoodFrog.

For more information about FoodFrogs NFT collection and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit the website to check out the roadmap.

The brand has also launched a discord channel where members can receive additional information about the project and membership benefits. 

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