Who among the us has not been told there ended up 120 people today in an upper place on the day of Pentecost? Do you realize it does not say there were 120 men and women in an higher place anyplace in Functions Chapter two?

This passage is a totally distinctive imagined and a fully diverse working day than the earlier chapter.
The disciples numbered were about 120 to elect Matthias as the substitute disciple for Judas. (Acts 1:15-26) The amount expected to assemble a Jewish council is 120. This may well describe the count of gentlemen.

Wherever have been they on the day of Pentecost? Acts chapter two commences a fully new assumed and a wholly various working day than chapter a single! It claims, “When the working day of Pentecost was absolutely come, they have been all in 1 accord in just one location”. It does not say there had been 120 in an upper area.

Why would Jews who traveled to Jerusalem from wonderful distances (quite a few with distinct languages) be gathered in an “upper room” on the exclusive day of Pentecost? Wouldn’t they be in the Jewish Temple?

Then a dashing mighty wind filled the complete residence. The exact Greek word “oikos” translated “home” in (Acts 2:2), was truly translated “Temple” in (Luke 11:51).

Did the 3,000 people baptized that working day also fit into the upper home? But wait, there have been more than 3,000 persons simply because some did not get the Word that working day. (Functions 2:41)

A location huge sufficient to keep the 3,000 or a lot more persons present that working day was the Jewish Temple. Beside the large corridor, there were being facet rooms that could hold countless numbers of individuals. There were being ceremonial washing pools that could be made use of for baptisms as effectively.

This working day of Pentecost tale in Acts Chapter two ends by talking about how this group achieved at the Temple working day by working day. (Acts 2:46) Then, Functions Chapter a few commences with them in the Temple once again. Getting in the Jewish Temple for the particular Jewish day of Pentecost is rather probable for Jewish disciples!