How does bitcoin disrupt the food and beverage industry?

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Bitcoin has disrupted many sectors like banking, pharma, etc. But the food and beverage industry went under a complete transformation after the bitcoin revolution. Bitcoin has also opened new job opportunities for people working in this sector due to the global acceptance of bitcoins by many big shops and restaurants. There are many sites like which may assist you with bitcoin trading.

5 reasons by which bitcoin has disrupted the food and beverage industry

1. Bitcoin is global, so there is no need to go to banks for transferring money

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. Unlike fiat currencies, they can be transferred within seconds to any part of the world at zero transaction fee, which takes days to move through bank transfers. This is because bitcoins transactions are more speedy than traditional transactions; no boundaries and intermediaries (like banks) are involved in transferring bitcoins.

2. Acceptance

As you all know by now about bitcoin, it is a digital currency, so it can be the only store in digital wallets that are free to use, unlike banks where one has to pay a fee for using their banking services, in bitcoin, there is no fee for storage and transactions.

As the bitcoin ecosystem grows, more and more merchants worldwide are starting to accept bitcoins as a mode of payment. Bitcoins can be used in shopping, trading, or betting on betting sites.

3. Lower risk for merchants

Bitcoin provides a meager transaction fee for merchants or traders, unlike credit card transactions, which costs around 3% to the merchants. This reduces the burden on merchants’ shoulders, and they can pass on these savings to customers by offering them rebates as a marketing strategy.

4. Fewer fraudulent cases

Bitcoin is not entirely fraud-proof, but it offers greater security to its users than a conventional transaction. Because in traditional transaction banks have all the information about customers, but in bitcoin, only users have the knowledge of their wallet, so it is tough for anyone to steal someone’s identity unless he reveals it.

5. Faster transactions

As mentioned earlier, bitcoin transactions are faster and meager cost for merchants. Because merchants can offer fast services by accepting bitcoin payments which in turn will attract more buyers and help increase sales volume.

5 more ways bitcoin has disrupted the food and beverage industry

1. Send food and beverages anywhere in the world

One can send food or drinks to anyone anywhere in the world with the help of a bitcoin wallet. By using this, one can pay for online services like Foodler, Pizzaforcoins, and Zipbit, which provide services like sending pizzas, beers, and much more.

2. Tipping on all social media platforms

Bitcoin is not limited to sending money anywhere. Still, it can be used to tip someone on different social media like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and many more where one can show his gratitude by tipping with bitcoins.

3. Video games that accept bitcoins

Video game addicts, I have good news for you. Bitcoin has enabled gamers to use it in their favorite video games like roll the dice and many more. These companies are using bitcoins to attract new gaming customers by offering discounts on bulk purchases of credits or other digital products. In addition, one can purchase coins by paying bitcoins instead of fiat currency.

4. Make online ordering easier

By using bitcoin wallets, one can make his order much appeasement by making the process much faster and simpler while ensuring privacy and security. The best example of this is pizza for coins which enables its customers to get their favorite food within 30 minutes.

5. Providing safe and secure food delivery

Among all other services provided by bitcoin, Foodler is more famous for its quality service than others. It has been using bitcoins since 2012 to provide fast food delivery without any unwanted charges or delays. In addition, one can use bitcoins in exchange for gift cards redeemed at many restaurants.


Bitcoin has brought a new wave of digital transformation in every sector, whether banking, pharma or transport. The food and beverage industry will also digitize itself through bitcoins to attract more customers by offering them rebates.

Few companies providing web development blockchain development services to food and beverage industries have started accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment from their customers for their services.

How does bitcoin disrupt the food and beverage industry?