Whilst gorgeous sunsets, captivating natural world, attention-grabbing landscapes, and pleasant persons are its main points of interest, the meals in Kenya may be worthy of a go back and forth to this East African country.

The rustic accommodates over 44 ethnic teams, and nearly each and every group has its personal distinctive conventional dish. Whilst you mix that truth with global cuisines and culinary permutations, each and every traveler is certain to have an unforgettable enjoy.

So, for those who’re visiting Kenya quickly and questioning what to devour, learn on. On this article, I’ll introduce you to dishes from more than a few areas in my house nation. Those come with ugali, the staple meals; biryani, a Swahili meal from the coast; and irio, a conventional meals from the Mount Kenya area.

Under, are a few of my favourite dishes to take a look at right through your go back and forth to Kenya.

15 Meals To Take a look at in Kenya

As a Kenyan local, I’ve traveled to many portions of the rustic, sampling other foods. To come up with an concept of what to anticipate, I’ve ready this information on 15 must-try dishes in Kenya. It comprises standard meals, primary dishes, snacks, pastries, and boulevard meals.

1. Ugali (Cornmeal) – The Maximum Well-liked Meals in Kenya General

We start this record with ugali, undeniably the most well liked meals in Kenya and lots of portions of Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s additionally the staple meals of Kenya and is in most cases a part of lunch and dinner in maximum families.

Ugali is made by way of including flour (maize, millet, or cassava) to boiling water and stirring to a dough-like consistency. The healthy meal is then loved with inexperienced greens, red meat stew, or nyama choma (roasted meat – extra on that beneath!).

Ugali with fish: a very traditional kenyan dish

This standard meal is to be had in nearly each and every native eating place. Should you’re in Nairobi, Ok’Osewe Ranalo Meals is a brilliant possibility and a spot I’ve loved brown ugali (manufactured from millet flour) again and again. The eating place additionally serves different conventional and must-try dishes in Kenya, like fried tilapia fish and red meat stew.

Ok’Osewe Ranalo Meals Data

Cope with: Kimathi Side road, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 721 323238
Running Hours: 10:30 am-3:00 am (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $7
Website online: N/A

2. Nyama Choma (Roasted Meat)

Translating to roasted or grilled meat in Swahili, nyama choma is probably the most well-known dish in Kenya. This vintage fish fry is made by way of slowly roasting meat (goat, red meat, or rooster) over scorching coals till it’s gentle.

As soon as grilled, nyama choma is put on a picket board and chopped into items, and served with ugali, greens, and kachumbari. In Kenya, we in most cases benefit from the well-known dish with buddies. It additionally is going neatly with ice-cold beers or espresso.

You’ll be able to to find nyama choma on many sit-down eating place menus around the county. It’s additionally to be had from roadside eateries (“choma zones”) and native meat stores.

Should you’re in Nairobi, talk over with the Carnivore Eating place. It has all kinds of nyama choma to make a choice from, and you’ll be able to devour all you wish to have at a hard and fast worth. Char-Choma Eating place is my favourite spot for the dish in Mombasa.

The Carnivore Eating place Data

Cope with: Off Langata Street, Nairobi (close to Wilson Airport)
Telephone: +254 731 611606
Running Hours: 12:00 pm-11:00 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $50 (for a buffet)
Website online: tamarind.co.ke/carnivore

3. Samaki Fry (Fried Fish)

Samaki fry, Swahili for fried fish, is likely one of the maximum scrumptious and standard meals in Kenya. The fish (in most cases tilapia or Nile perch) is deep-fried and served with ugali along kachumbari (in most cases contemporary tomato and onion salad). As opposed to the dry fry (my favourite), it may also be wet-fried (with onions, tomatoes, and spices) which provides it extra aroma.

Omena (silver cyprinid) is any other standard fish dish in Kenya, particularly amongst communities residing alongside the shores of Lake Victoria. The small fish are first dried within the solar earlier than being deep fried.

Fried Tilapia fish on a plate

Some of the easiest puts to devour fish in Kenya is Mama Oliech Eating place in Nairobi’s Kilimani house. Should you’re visiting Nanyuki the town, drop by way of the Trout Tree Eating place. It’s my favourite fish eating place in Kenya for its scrumptious farm-to-table trout and contemporary sukuma wiki (kale).

Trout Tree Eating place Data

Cope with: Alongside Street A2 between Naro Moru and Nanyuki
Telephone: +254 726 281704
Running Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $10
Website online: trout-tree.com

4. Karanga (Kenyan Pork Stew)

Karanga (an area stew) is a regular meal in Kenya and a favourite for many of us. The dish is simple to organize the use of other meats and different elements that give it an inviting aroma.

It’s made by way of frying chunks of meat with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, greens, and spices. When water is added, the result’s a thick, hearty meal easiest loved with ugali, chapati, or rice.

My favourite eating place in Kenya for karanga is Ok’Osewe Ranalo Meals. The eatery serves scrumptious red meat stew, which I experience with ugali (millet flour) and managu (indigenous inexperienced greens).

The Talisman Eating place could have a special title for the stew, but it surely’s undoubtedly well-known for making probably the most easiest.

The Talisman Eating place Data

Cope with: Off Ngong Street, Karen, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 705 999997
Running Hours: 11:00 am-10:00 pm (Tue-Fri), 9:00 am-10:00 pm (Sat-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $13
Website online: thetalismanrestaurant.com

5. Sukuma Wiki (Collard Vegetables or Kale)

Apart from nyama choma and Kenyan stew, ugali is regularly accompanied by way of sukuma wiki (very similar to kale). This vegetable dish, which interprets to “push the week,” is reasonably priced and commonplace in lots of Kenyan families.

Making ready sukuma wiki comes to washing the golf green leaves, reducing them into small items after which frying them with onions. In some instances, tomatoes and spices are added to deepen the flavour.

Ugly and sukuma wiki, maize flour porridge with meat and sweet potatoes, Zambian cuisine, traditional African dishes

But even so sukuma wiki, there are different inexperienced greens regularly utilized in Kenya. Those come with spinach, mrenda (jute mallow), marenge (pumpkin leaves), and thabai (stinging nettle leaves).

Sukuma wiki is to be had in nearly all eating places throughout Kenya – together with the small eateries within the geographical region. There also are some nice puts to take a look at this dish in Nairobi, with my favourite being Cultiva Farm, a really perfect farm-to-table eating place in Karen.

Cultiva Farm Kenya Data

Cope with: Pofu Street, Karen, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 701 579902
Running Hours: 8:00 am-11:00 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $5
Website online: cultivakenya.com

6. Kachumbari (Salsa or Salad)

Kachumbari, a contemporary vegetable salad, is Kenya’s hottest facet dish. The salad/salsa accommodates sliced contemporary tomatoes, onions, inexperienced/purple pepper, coriander, and now and again avocado.

The refreshing salsa/salad is synonymous with nyama choma. It additionally is going neatly with pilau, mutura (boulevard meals), boiled eggs, and fried fish.

If you wish to have to take a look at Kenya’s maximum scrumptious salad, talk over with a nyama choma eating place or a boulevard meals seller. For first-time guests, I like to recommend Street Space Grill in Nairobi or Char-Choma Eating place in Mombasa. They have got probably the most easiest fish fry and kachumbari within the nation.

Char-Choma Eating place Data

Cope with: Off Mombasa-Malindi Street, simply earlier than Whitesands Resort
Telephone: +254 794 673598
Running Hours: 6:00 am-12:00 am (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $15 (served with nyama choma)
Website online: fb.com

7. Rooster Tikka Masala (Spiced Rooster)

Kenya is a multicultural nation with a sizeable inhabitants of locals of Indian descent. This has ended in the creation of scrumptious Asian meals, together with rooster tikka masala.

The dish is made by way of tossing items of rooster (clay oven cooked) right into a highly spiced sauce. This sauce in most cases accommodates contemporary tomatoes, onion gravy, and quite a lot of fantastic Indian spices.

chicken tikka masala with herbs on top served on a color white plate

There are a number of puts the place you’ll be able to attempt rooster tikka masala in Kenya. My favourite is The Mayura Eating place on the Nairobi SGR Terminus, which serves this tasty dish, amongst others. The eating place additionally has branches in Karen and Westlands.

The Mayura Eating place Data

Cope with: Nairobi SGR Terminus, Syokimau
Telephone: +254 737 224422
Running Hours: 11:00 am-11:00 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $11
Website online: themayura.com

8. Biryani (Spiced Rice) – My Favourite Swahili Meals in Kenya

Biryani is a conventional meals in Kenya standard amongst communities alongside the coast. To make this dish, rice is in most cases cooked with meat (rooster or red meat) and other spices. Those spices come with cardamom, coriander, cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, and cloves.

Every other spiced rice and a well-known dish in Kenya is pilau. It’s cooked with fragrant spices and both red meat or rooster and is served with greens and kachumbari.

The principle distinction between biryani and pilau is that with biryani, rice and different elements (meat, sauce, and spices) are cooked in combination. Then again, pilau rice (and spices) are cooked in a separate pot from the sauce and meat.

I’ve had biryani rooster and pilau in lots of puts, however my favourite eatery is Jahazi Espresso Space. The small eating place is positioned in Mombasa Previous The city and serves probably the most scrumptious Swahili dishes within the town.

With its outdated furnishings, ground mats, and Arabic-style doorways, Jahazi is a real image of the traditional the town.

Jahazi Espresso Space Data

Cope with: Thika Side road, Off Ndia Kuu Rd, Mombasa
Telephone: +254 742 917263
Running Hours: 9:00 am-6:00 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $8
Website online: N/A

9. Wali wa Nazi (Coconut Rice)

One in all my favourite dishes in Kenya is Wali. This dish may be standard some of the communities residing alongside the Kenyan coast. It’s normally manufactured from white rice and more than a few elements and is in most cases loved with rooster, red meat, or fish curry.

The preferred wali dishes are wali wa kukaanga and wali wa nazi. The latter accommodates rice boiled in coconut milk, whilst the previous encompass boiled rice that’s fried with elements like onions, carrots, peas, turmeric, and greens.

Coconut rice on a yellow bowl

The most efficient puts I experience wali wa nazi are in Swahili eating places, and also you’ll to find them in nearly each and every the town alongside the Kenyan coast. Whilst in Mombasa, check out Mombasa Dishes or Barka Eating place in Mombasa Previous The city. Kilimanjaro Jamia in Nairobi may be one of the vital easiest puts to take a look at wali.

Barka Eating place Data

Cope with: Mji wa Kale, Makadara Street, Mvita
Telephone: +254 722 881009
Running Hours: 7:30 am-10:30 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $4
Website online: N/A

10. Matoke (Plantain Banana Stew)

Matoke, a staple meals some of the Kisii other folks of the western area, will have to undoubtedly be for your record of must-try dishes in Kenya. The meal is ready by way of frying plantains and is easiest loved with rice, chapati, or red meat stew.

It’s commonplace to seek out other permutations of matoke in numerous portions of the rustic. In central Kenya, for instance, the dish is composed of plantains, potatoes, arrowroots, pumpkins, and now and again candy potatoes.

Matoke is to be had in native eating places countrywide. Whether or not in Kisii, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nanyuki, or Nakuru, you’re positive to discover a position serving this wonderful dish. Whilst in Nairobi, take a look at Bridges Natural Eating place.

Bridges Natural Eating place Data

Cope with: Alongside Tubman Street, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 711 575756
Running Hours: 6:00 am-6:00pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $4
Website online: bridges-organics-shop.internet.app

11. Irio (Mashed Peas)

Additionally indigenous to communities dwelling within the central area just like the Kikuyu, irio (that means meals) is my favourite conventional meals in Kenya. This wholesome dish is manufactured from mashed potatoes, beans, peas, and conventional greens (like pumpkin leaves) and served with red meat stew or nyama choma.

It’s price noting that, in contrast to mukimo, irio does now not include githeri (corn and kidney beans).

A close-up of mashed potatoes with green peas and corn served with chicken and vegetable stew. African cuisine, Kenyan cuisine, a traditional dish called mukimo or irio.

Some of the easiest puts to style irio is at a nyama choma eating place (even if they basically promote mukimo). Should you’re visiting the central area (the realm round Mount Kenya), drop by way of any native eating place and also you’ll to find probably the most unique irio, githeri, and mukimo round.

My favourite position to devour the native dish is Betty’s Position in Nyeri; a country eating place that serves tasty nyama choma accompanied by way of scrumptious irio or mukimo.

Betty’s Position Eating place Data

Cope with: Kimathi Means, Nyeri
Telephone: +254 711 666792
Running Hours: 7:30 am-12:00 am (Mon-Sat), 9:00 am-12:00 am (Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $5
Website online: N/A

12. Githeri (Corn/Maize and Beans)

Githeri is likely one of the easiest conventional dishes in Kenya. Firstly, the dish was once unique to communities residing round central Kenya, however now it’s well-liked around the nation. This straightforward meal is made by way of blending maize (corn) with beans and boiling them in a clay pot or sufuria.

As soon as it’s cooked, githeri is served on my own or fried with onions, tomatoes, inexperienced greens, and potatoes. Every so often, the dish is mashed with potatoes, and pumpkin leaves to make mukimo – any other standard meals in Kenya.

Githeri is to be had in maximum eating places in Kenya. Should you’d love to experience this meal in Nairobi, I reccomend you talk over with the Scorching Dishes Eating place.

Scorching Dishes Eating place Data

Cope with: Previous Mutual Development alongside Kimathi Side road, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 782 333444
Running Hours: 6:00 am-9:00 pm (Mon-Fri), 6:00 am-8:00 pm (Sat-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $3
Website online: hotdishes.co.ke

13. Samosas (Triangular Pastry)

No go back and forth to Kenya could be entire with out making an attempt no less than one samosa, a yummy triangular-shaped snack.

This standard snack can also be loved any time of the day, particularly with a cup of chai. It’s made by way of filling cooked minced meat or peas in small triangular dough wallet which can be deep fried. Substances like onions, garlic, pepper, and coriander are now and again added to offer them further taste.

Kenyan food Samosas

I wasn’t a large fan of samosas till a pal prompt I attempt T Tot Eating place in Machakos the town. The eating place is well-liked by locals, and their scorching samosas will go away you yearning extra.

Should you’re in Nairobi, take a look at Cafe Deli Eating place alongside Moi Street. It serves red meat and rooster samosas which pass neatly with Kenyan chai.

Café Deli Eating place Data

Cope with: Moi Street, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 707 712287
Running Hours: 6:30 am-10:00 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $3 (with tea)
Website online: cafedeli.co.ke

14. Mutura (Kenyan Sausage) – Absolute best Side road Meals in Kenya

Along with the standard dishes in Kenya, boulevard meals is commonplace, particularly in markets, neighborhoods, and alongside alleys. One of the crucial standard choices come with mahindi choma (roasted maize), mayai pasua (boiled eggs), and mutura (Kenyan sausage).

Mutura is probably the most well-known of all Kenyan boulevard meals. The sausage-like snack is scrumptious and wealthy in protein. It accommodates a mixture of various items of cow or goat meat and cooled blood encased in a wrapper (in most cases goat intestines).

To organize mutura, items of meat are first of all cooked with other elements (like onions and spices) after which filled in small intestines. The sausage is then roasted on a charcoal grill to offer it a smoky taste. As soon as cooked, mutura is reduce into small ring-like items and loved on my own or accompanied by way of kachumbari.

Should you’re on the lookout for a spot to style this superb and distinctive Kenyan boulevard meals, take a night walk in any small the town or giant town within the nation, and stay a willing eye out for it. You’ll be able to additionally talk over with a cafe equivalent to Betty’s Position in Nyeri or Ankole Grill in Nairobi.

Ankole Grill, Kilimani Data

Cope with: Senteu Plaza, Galana Street, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 710 202020
Running Hours: 7:30 am-11:00 pm (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $7 (for a small plate)
Website online: ankole.co.ke

15. Tusker (Kenyan Beer)

Even though this newsletter is ready meals in Kenya, it might be incomplete and not using a drink to scrub down the meal. A chilly Tusker (the most well liked native beer) is going completely neatly with nyama choma or fried fish. You’ll be able to additionally experience scorching drinks like chai (Kenyan tea) and kahawa (espresso).

Tusker (for round $4) is to be had in nearly any bar and eating place within the nation. Should you’re in Mombasa, pass to Maasai Seashore Bar and Eating place. It overlooks the magnificent Mombasa Seashore and serves scrumptious roasted meat and more than a few beverages.

Restaurants in Mombasa

Downtown is my favourite position to hang around in Nanyuki, whilst K1 Klub Space is likely one of the easiest nightlife spots in Nairobi.

Some of the easiest puts for espresso and tea in Kenya is Java Space. I widespread the Kimathi Side road department for a complete breakfast, which contains Kenyan chai, omelets, and bread.

Maasai Seashore Bar and Eating place

Cope with: Mount Kenya Street, Mombasa
Telephone: +254 717 310902
Running Hours: 6:00 am-2:00 am (Mon-Solar)
Reasonable Price of the dish: $4 (for native beers)
Website online: N/A

Bonus (Different Will have to-Take a look at Dishes in Kenya)

Under are different dishes in Kenya that you just will have to attempt.

Ingoho: A stewed rooster commonplace some of the Luhya group of Kenya. It’s in most cases served with ugali (constituted of millet, cassava, or whole-milled maize flour).

Chapati: It is a cushy flatbread that’s typically served with different meals like sukuma wiki, red meat stew, and matoke.

A must-try Chapati food

Chips Mwitu: Translating to “wild French fries”, chips mwitu is any other well-known and must-try boulevard meals in Kenya. It’s merely fried potato chips offered by way of the roadside. Equivalent meals come with viazi karai (potato wedges – boiled after which deep-fried) and bhajias (potato fritters).

Smokie Pasua: That is in most cases a smoked sausage. Similar to mayai pasua (boiled eggs), smokie pasua is a boulevard meals that is going completely neatly with kachumbari.

Mahindi Choma: Often referred to as makai, mahindi choma (grilled maize) is one in every of my favourite boulevard meals in Kenya. It has a crunchy texture and a candy style (bitter for those who spice it with lemon or chili).

Meals Excursions in Kenya

With a large number of eating places in Kenya to make a choice from, it takes numerous paintings to grasp the place to devour native foods. On the other hand, by way of becoming a member of a guided excursion, your native host will take you to well known puts in addition to some relatively secret spots the place you’ll be able to devour and drink like an area.

Take a look at the next meals excursions in Kenya for an unique native culinary enjoy.

Nairobi Town Meals Excursion

Should you’re able to style the most efficient meals in Kenya, sign up for this thrilling excursion. Your native information will take you to the most efficient spots to experience conventional dishes along different Kenyans.

A tasty Masala dosa with chutney.

You’ll get to pattern well-known Kenyan cuisine, together with ugali, chapati, mukimo, nyama choma, kachumbari, fish, indigenous greens, and Swahili dishes.

The Carnivore Eating Enjoy

To style various kinds of nyama choma, sign up for this native eating enjoy. It takes you to Carnivore Eating place – one of the vital well-known puts for roasted meat.

The eating enjoy features a mouth-watering starter (soup), a delectable dessert, and an all-you-can-eat meat variety. After dinner, you’ll wash down the nyama choma with espresso or a chilly Tusker beer.

Mombasa Side road Meals Enjoy

The Kenyan Swahili delicacies is a gorgeous mixture of elements from other communities that reside alongside the Indian Ocean sea coast. It combines native, Ecu, Arabic, and Indian influences to provide probably the most maximum scrumptious dishes within the nation.

When visiting Mombasa, you should definitely sign up for this boulevard meals excursion to pattern other native cuisine. Those come with rooster biryani (my favourite), pilau (spiced rice), wali wa nazi (coconut rice), and mabuyu (baobab seeds covered with sugar and coloured flavors).

Make Kenyan Cuisines With a Native

Some of the easiest techniques to comprehend the native meals scene is by way of studying get ready and prepare dinner conventional foods. On this excursion, you’ll talk over with an area farmers’ marketplace to shop for elements after which learn to prepare dinner them with an area information.

The go back and forth to and from the marketplace comprises using in a matatu (an area minibus), the place you’ll be able to have interaction with native Kenyans alongside the experience.

Be informed The entirety About Espresso and Tea

Kenya is not just well-known for its dishes but additionally for its nice tea and occasional. Sign up for this excursion to be informed the whole thing about espresso (from farm to cup).

Should you’re extra taken with tea, this enjoy is best possible for you. It features a scrumptious native meal constituted of contemporary farm produce.

Kenyan Meals: FAQs

Under are some solutions to regularly requested questions on meals in Kenya.

What’s the staple meals of Kenya?

Ugali is the staple meals of Kenya.

Which is probably the most well-known dish in Kenya?

Nyama choma is probably the most well-known dish in Kenya. The roasted meat is in most cases served with ugali, sukuma wiki, and kachumbari.

What are the commonest meals in Kenya?

The commonest meals in Kenya are nyama choma, ugali, fish, kachumbari (salad), matoke, mukimo, and mutura.

What are probably the most conventional meals in Kenya?

There are many conventional meals in Kenya, together with ingoho (Luhya group), irio (Kikuyu group), and matoke (Kisii group).

What are the most efficient puts to devour in Kenya?

One of the crucial easiest puts to devour in Kenya are The Carnivore for nyama choma, Ok’Osewe Ranalo Meals for red meat stew, and Jahazi Espresso Space for reasonably priced Swahili dishes.

What time is dinner in Kenya?

The standard dinner time in Kenya is between 8 pm and 10 pm.

What time is lunch in Kenya?

Lunch in Kenya is in most cases from 12 pm to two pm, in keeping with paintings schedules and the day of the week. Lunch hours right through weekends and vacations are in most cases versatile.

What’s the standard breakfast in Kenya?

An ordinary breakfast in Kenya comprises chai (tea) and bread. It’s additionally commonplace to have espresso, candy potatoes, and arrowroots. In giant eating places, it will possibly encompass omelets, bacon, contemporary juice, fruit servings, and cornflakes.

What time is breakfast in Kenya?

In Kenya, breakfast is in most cases served between 6 am and 9 am.

Do you tip in Kenya?

Even though tipping isn’t necessary in Kenya, it’s commonplace so as to add 10% of the invoice as a tip in keeping with the standard of meals and the carrier.

To Summarize

Giant eating place chains, native eateries, and boulevard distributors depend on geographical region farms for contemporary produce, greens, and elements. Additionally they supply the most efficient fish, meat, and rooster to be able to get ready scrumptious dishes.

So, whilst you talk over with this pretty and hospitable nation, don’t confine your self most effective to nationwide parks, seashores, and mountains. Head over to a cafe and indulge your digestive juices with Kenyan delicacies.

But even so the preferred foods like ugali, nyama choma, and kachumbari, you should definitely additionally attempt boulevard meals like mutura and smokie pasua. I’m positive you’ll go away the rustic with a fantastic meals enjoy and lots of glad recollections.

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