Mount Bromo is an active volcano and a popular tourist destination located in East Java, Indonesia. It is part of the larger Tengger massif, which includes several other volcanoes. The area around Mount Bromo is known for its beautiful landscapes and views, especially from the viewpoint at Penanjakan on the rim of the caldera. The sunrise views from this location are particularly popular with tourists. The area is also home to the Tenggerese people, who follow a traditional way of life and maintain a unique culture and language. The mountain is a popular place for trekking and photography, and it is also possible to take a horseback ride to the summit.

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The mountain is surrounded by a vast sea of sand, which is a popular spot for hikers and photographers. The summit of the mountain can be reached by hiking or by riding a horse or jeep. Many people visit Mount Bromo to witness the sunrise, as the view from the top is said to be breathtaking. The mountain is also a popular spot for trekking and camping.