Going to beautiful lantern viewing places in Vietnam such as Phung Hung, Hang Ma, Hoi An, and Luong Nhu Hoc streets, you will have the opportunity to admire a poetic, romantic scene and freely take virtual photos.

Places to see beautiful lanterns in Vietnam

1. Phung Hung Street – Hanoi

For Ha Thanh residents, perhaps Phung Hung Street is an extremely familiar destination. This is not only a place to see beautiful lanterns in Vietnam but also a beautiful mural street, standing in every corner, there are impressive check-in photos to bring back. Phung Hung Street is located in the East Citadel of Thang Long, extending from the Hang Cot – Hang Luoc junction to Hang Bong Street.

Places to see beautiful lanterns in Vietnam, romantic space, super pretty pictures

Phung Hung is both a lantern street and a mural street. Photo: @halotravel.vn

Phung Hung Street is about 1200 meters long, is a tree-lined street, green and peaceful space. The small street runs parallel to the railway tracks on the old city wall, between Long Bien station at the bridgehead and Hanoi station. This place is a destination in Hanoi that is loved by many young people.

The street is 1200 meters long with hundreds of brilliant lanterns. Photo: @annaissmr

Along Phung Hung Street are cafes and small shops. Along the other side is a wall of beautiful frescoes. Particularly at the top are hundreds of beautifully decorated round cylindrical lanterns, attracting the attention of those who come to Hanoi for the first time.

Phung Hung Street is brilliant and sparkling at night. Photo: @thaoanh_tao

Phung Hung street is always beautiful, but perhaps the most beautiful is the mid-autumn season. That is the time when the lanterns are all lit, creating a sparkling and warm space at night. Coming here, you can both immerse yourself in the romance of countless lanterns, and easily drop your pose for virtual photography. 

This street is most beautiful in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Photo: @duongbi

Depending on the time of year, the street is decorated with different themes. However, if you want to see the lanterns, come here in the mid-autumn season. In the cool autumn weather of Hanoi, you will find the scenery more poetic thanks to the embellishment of lanterns with beautiful patterns. 

2. Hang Ma Street – Hanoi

Like Phung Hung Street, Hang Ma Street is a beautiful place to watch lanterns in Vietnam at the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is a neighborhood in Hang Ma ward, Hoan Kiem district. Ha Thanh youth see this place as both a shopping place and a coordinate to have fun and take pictures during the festive season.

Hang Ma Street specializes in selling lanterns and festival decorations. Photo: @mihahh__

Indeed, Hang Ma Street is a street specializing in selling decorative items for Tet, Christmas, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc. So every time you walk on this street, you will be attracted by many colorful objects. . There are enough lanterns, pearls, pine trees, artificial flowers, balloons and countless other furniture for parties and weddings here.

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are many beautiful lanterns for sale here. Photo: @meii.11

During the festive seasons of the year, Hang Ma Street is more crowded than ever. When night falls, the electric lights are lit up, highlighting the items that the shops do business and trade. Just walking around, you can freely admire and take photos.

Just stand in and have a beautiful check-in photo right away. Photo: @vantrangvantrang

Today, Hang Ma Street is one of the most beautiful places to see lanterns in Vietnam during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is the time when shops sell many different types of lanterns, both traditional and innovative. But all of them possess brilliant colors, shimmering and beautiful decorations. 

The best time to take pictures here is at night. Photo: @namimyy_06

Surely, when walking on the street of Hang Ma lanterns in the Mid-Autumn Festival, you will “itch your hand” and buy a few to play with or as a gift. If you love the background of any store and want to take photos, you should buy support for the shop owner to make it easier to ask for their permission to take a few commemorative photos. 

3. Hoi An Ancient Town – Quang Nam

Perhaps Hoi An is a lantern town that you can see at any time without waiting until the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is a famous tourist destination of Quang Nam province, a world cultural heritage, preserving many good values ​​of golden history. Today, Hoi An has become a beautiful and peaceful land and in it, the image of lanterns becomes a symbol. 

Hoi An is a beautiful old town with many lanterns decorated everywhere. Photo: @phuogggthaoo

If you want to find a place to watch beautiful lanterns in Vietnam with ancient and nostalgic beauty, Hoi An ancient town is the place not to be missed. Visiting Hoi An, you will see images of lanterns everywhere, from the front porches of people’s houses, in cafes to historical sites or shops specializing in lanterns. 

Lanterns with a variety of colors, sizes, and beautiful designs. Photo: @vian_khanh

Lanterns of all sizes, colors, and designs have become a beautiful symbol of Hoi An, adorning the mossy features and making the ancient color of this place more lyrical and poetic. Lanterns here are many, decorated everywhere to honor the ancient beauty, to serve the needs of visitors to check in and take photos. 

Romantic Hoi An at night. Photo: @bubu_handicrafts

According to many people’s experience of discovering Hoi An, the most appropriate time for you to come here is on the 14th of the lunar calendar every month. This is the time when people often turn off the electricity and light up the whole neighborhood with beautiful circular, square, polygonal lanterns, etc. You can walk the streets, immersed in this dreamlike scenery.

4. Luong Nhu Hoc Street – HCMC

Another beautiful place to see lanterns in Vietnam that you can explore on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival is Luong Nhu Hoc Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. From the beginning of the 8th lunar month, this place has begun to bustling with visitors to buy lanterns, visit, take photos. 

In Saigon, there is a famous Luong Nhu Hoc lantern street in District 5. Photo: @chin.201

Luong Nhu Hoc Street has the same beauty as Hang Ma Street in Hanoi. This whole street gathers households specializing in festival decorations, flexibly changing depending on the season, depending on the festival of the year. And of course, to see the lanterns, you definitely have to come here in autumn.

This neighborhood sells many lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Photo: @pthnhung1801

Luong Nhu Hoc is a neighborhood where many Chinese people live, specializing in the production of lanterns of all colors and designs. If you want to know how beautiful and vibrant this street is, come here to the Mid-Autumn Festival. From the beginning of the road to the end of the road, everywhere are large and small lanterns, all colors of red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, … extremely eye-catching.

The atmosphere is full of festive colors in Luong Nhu Hoc. Photo: @_tng.dz_

Coming here, you not only have the opportunity to see beautiful lanterns, buy a few, but also take pictures to check-in. Of course, when you want to take pictures in front of any store, visitors should ask permission and buy lanterns to avoid disturbing the small businesses doing business here. 

Coming to Luong Nhu Hoc Lantern Street, you will have many beautiful photos to take home. Photo: @tmee.nguyen

Each place to see beautiful lanterns in Vietnam will have its own mark to attract visitors. Except for Hoi An, which has lanterns all year round, for the rest of the places, you have to wait until the Mid-Autumn Festival to experience the brilliant, splendid and magnificent lantern scene. So, don’t forget to save these coordinates, for check-in in the autumn time! 

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