A heart-breaking video of a polar endure ravenous to demise within the Baffin Islands of Canada introduced consideration to the demanding situations bears face because of local weather alternate. Whilst in China pictures of a endure mendacity in its cage at a bile farm, the bars simply broad sufficient to poke out a paw, and protection of rescued ‘bile bears’ in Vietnam, arriving at sanctuaries with immense mental and bodily issues, some too vulnerable to stroll or climb after a life-time in cages, raised consideration to the plight of those mistreated animals. With habitats starting from forests to forest and grasslands to sea, bears are intriguing and charming – however dealing with a bleak long term.

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With shrinking ice and inaccessibility to prey, polar bears may well be extinct by means of 2050, local weather alternate is inflicting their habitat to reasonably actually soften away. Grizzly bears are threatened with extinction as their habitat is destroyed by means of logging, mining, oil and fuel drilling and land building. Hundreds of Asiatic black bears (moon bears), solar bears, and brown bears, are saved, for many years, in cages and farmed for his or her bile. Panda bears are being driven, by means of habitat fragmentation, into smaller, much less habitable spaces, and with bamboo making up 99% in their diets, the shrinking of bamboo forests is inflicting meals shortages. The World Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates that fewer than 20,000 sloth bears continue to exist within the wilds of the Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka. Of the 8 endure species on this planet, the IUCN lists six as inclined or endangered, the one exceptions being black and brown bears, who’re nonetheless in peril in positive places.

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Remembering Natural world is the collective identify for the sequence of books created by means of British natural world photographer Margot Raggett, who in 2014 started asking fellow natural world photographers if they might give a contribution to a fundraising e book for animal conservation. Their reaction used to be unanimous and Remembering Elephants, used to be revealed in 2016, with photographs donated by means of 65 of the arena’s best natural world photographers. Such used to be the good fortune that Remembering Rhinos used to be briefly introduced and introduced in 2017, as soon as once more to vital acclaim. Remembering Nice Apes, the 3rd e book within the sequence, used to be revealed in 2018 and featured photographs donated by means of 72 photographers and a foreword by means of Dr Jane Goodall. In 2019 the fourth e book within the sequence, Remembering Lions introduced, adopted by means of Remembering Cheetahs, which gained the GOLD award for highest nature e book in The Unbiased Writer E book Awards. 2021 noticed the discharge of Remembering African Wild Canine.

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Because the first e book in 2016, greater than 230 of the arena’s highest natural world photographers have generously contributed to the Remembering Natural world sequence, greater than 33,000 books had been bought, and over $1.24 million USD has been allotted to 59 other conservation tasks, in 24 international locations, throughout Africa and Asia. Now, the beautiful imagery of a brand new e book within the sequence, Remembering Bears, is elevating consciousness of the plight dealing with those particular animals and elevating cash to offer protection to them.

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Founding father of Remembering Natural world Margot Raggett says, “people have lengthy had a distinct dating with bears – we hug them at evening as kids and love seeing them in tale books and on display. But, in the true global, they’re no longer all the time considered with the similar affection and will been noticed as a nuisance or a risk… Some face lives of distress – as dancing bears, illegally trafficked as pets or used for medication – or face critical threats and extinction thru local weather alternate, searching or human-wildlife struggle… Thru photographs and phrases, this e book shines a focus on their range, attractiveness and resilience in addition to elevating consciousness in their plight and elevating finances for organisations passionately preventing for the way forward for bears.”

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Each and every web page of this gorgeous e book finds every other placing symbol of one of the vital 8 endure species – American black endure, Andean endure, Asiatic black endure, brown endure, massive panda, polar endure, sloth endure and solar endure – revealing delicate moments with members of the family, fierce territorial battles and the tough truth of existence as a endure.

Remembering Bears options photographs from greater than 80 of the arena’s highest natural world photographers, together with Marsel van Oosten,  Joshua Holko, Dave Sandford, Andrew Parkinson, Vladimir Cech Jr, Kevin Dooley, Tristan Dicks, Will Burrard-Lucas, Shivag Mehta, Fredrik Granath, Daniel Rosengren, Sabrina Schumann, Anjali Singh and Amy Gulick, who’ve generously donated photographs appearing bears of their herbal habitats from China to Peru, Alaska to Borneo. This yr’s duvet symbol used to be taken by means of Morten Jørgensen.

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A number of the surprising images, Remembering Bears additionally options 10 successful photographs from a world festival.

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Bears are continuously lost sight of some of the dwindling animal species of our planet. Many of us have the misunderstanding that “in the event you pass right down to the woods lately… each and every endure that ever there used to be, will acquire there for positive” … on a world scale despite the fact that, the way forward for bears is a long way much less positive. Bears are extraordinarily clever creatures. No longer best can they depend in addition to primates, they have got additionally realized to make use of gear and are extremely delicate to emotion. In addition to happiness, bears revel in grief, and feature demonstrated trauma responses. Their eyesight is far sharper than people (and they have got evening imaginative and prescient), their ears are two times as delicate as ours, and they may be able to scent a meal as much as 20 miles away. However they’re additionally threatened by means of habitat loss, human-animal struggle, searching, the unlawful puppy business, highway kills and exploitation, similar to dancing bears and endure bile farms. To lend a hand elevate finances for conservation tasks to offer protection to bears, spend money on a duplicate of Remembering Bears. Each and every replica of Remembering Bears prices £45 GBP (roughly $50 USD) and copies can also be ordered at www.rememberingwildlife.com.

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Remembering Natural world exists to lift consciousness of the plight dealing with natural world, in addition to finances to offer protection to it. Well-known supporters of the sequence come with Russell Crowe, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chris Martin, Pierce Brosnan and lots of extra. Additional details about Remembering Natural world, and the tasks it has already funded, can also be discovered on their web site.