Joseph commences to Levitate

Joseph returned to the Monastery at Grotella immediately after his ordination. As before long as he entered, he ran to the Impression of Our Girl to thank her for intervening for him, worthless and minimum of all her sons. For the duration of his very first Mass, at the instant of consecration, when he touched Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, he was so overcome with his unworthiness that he begged the Lord to purify his coronary heart and cleanse his fingers of all impurity. Just about every working day, soon after his operate was completed, Joseph would steal absent to a very small area or remote hideaway. As he meditated on the Lord and the real world earlier mentioned, he would turn into engulfed in ecstasy and discover himself levitating in mid-air. The brothers later on testified at his Beatification, his ecstasies and levitations recurred so frequently, Father Joseph was not permitted to get aspect in spiritual routines with the other brothers or stroll in processions, lest he disturb the proceedings.

Father Joseph’s life, through his own structure, became extra and extra austere, as he deprived himself of all ingesting utensils and all but one very poor garment. Throwing himself right before the Crucifix, he cried, “Look on me, Lord I am divested of all factors Thou artwork my only fantastic I regard all else as a hazard and spoil to my soul.” The Lord’s reaction was to just take away all His consolation from Father Joseph, plunging him into the Dark Night of the Soul. His agony grew to become so unbearable just one working day, he cried out in anguish, the cry of his Savior just before him, “My Lord, why hast Thou forsaken me?” A religious appeared to Joseph, anyone he experienced in no way observed before. He handed him a new practice. On donning it, out of the blue Joseph was no longer alone he could feel the existence of his heavenly companions. Who was this stranger? Was he an Angel? Father Joseph thought so.

Father Joseph chastised his entire body by implies of mortification to tame and empty it of all earthly consolation, so he could be free of charge to settle for the graces poured down upon him by the Holy Spirit. Throughout his priesthood, he felt so keenly the duty and the privilege of his vocation that he ate no bread for five several years, drank no wine for ten many years, and subsisted on herbs, dried fruits and beans flavored with the most bitter powder. Just one of the brothers tasting it, afterwards testified that he obtained so ill to his belly, for days all foods manufactured him nauseous. Joseph fasted nearly unceasingly, observing 7 fasts of 40 times every single (280 days), the exact same speedy observed by his founder Saint Francis prior to him, taking in no food stuff on Thursdays and Sundays. Living entirely on the Eucharist, immediately after acquiring his Lord, colour would return to his experience and renewed power to his weakened physique.

Saint Joseph soared with the Angels

One time the Lord would occur and relaxation in Fr. Joseph’s arms. An additional time the Saints would appear and share the awe and marvel of Paradise. Angels would seem to him, and carry him comfort and ease and consolation from Heaven. But anywhere the Heavenly Military of Angels is, the fallen angels are shut by, ready to do mischief. A person day when a spiritual was placing a girdle, blessed by Fr. Joseph, about a possessed male in an try to exorcise Satan from him, he heard the evil just one say, “If you understood the virtue of this friar (Father Joseph) and how pleasing his soul is to God, you would be astonished. I will have to admit this for the reason that God forces me to speak. Friar Joseph is the worst foe we have.”

The enemy attacked Fr. Joseph relentlessly. He was praying prior to the Tomb of Saint Francis in the crypt of the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, when the satan blew out all the candles in the church and proceeded to defeat Joseph. All of a sudden, the demon observed Saint Francis rising from his tomb carrying a candle, and pointless to say, he fled! The satan never ever stopped seeking to do Father Joseph in. He tried out all the things he tried using to drown him he tried using to destroy him by managing him by with a sword he attempted to wipe out him by gossip. But the Lord Who is Almighty is significantly mightier than that sucker.

Saint Joseph the Miracle Employee

When there was a have to have for foodstuff, the cabinet pretty bare, Fr. Joseph would pray, area his hands on what minimal there was to try to eat, and what arrived about was the multiplication of honey, bread, wine and whichever food items there was just before him. At other moments he merely known as upon his Girl to intercede and behold, meals miraculously improved. He would area his cap on a blind man’s head and his sight was restored. The lame and the crippled walked soon after they kissed the Crucifix Joseph held out to them. All through the plague which claimed several life, he blessed a poor soul burning up with fever, producing the indicator of the Cross on his brow the fever instantly dropped, and his temperature returned to regular. With the indicator of the Cross, St. Joseph introduced the dead back again to everyday living.

An arrogant nobleman contemptuously challenged Fr. Joseph: “Impious hypocrite, it is not you, but the spiritual habit you dress in that I respect and since of it, I trust that if you make the indication of the Cross on my wound, it will mend.” Cheerfully, Joseph humbly agreed with the nobleman that what he stated was totally true and intelligent. Then he blessed the nobleman’s wound, whereupon it was entirely healed.