Fitting products that will last in the longer-term has taken on a new and important role in the overall pursuit of sustainability. Indeed, repair over replace needs to be the priority as we move away from a throw away mind-set. Certainly, whether a boutique hotel or a larger establishment, renovating a bathroom is likely to be an investment that needs to deliver on both aesthetics and function for many years to come.

It goes without saying that fitting quality is an essential part of ensuring products can go the distance. Yet opting for this upfront can go much further, bringing added sustainable and monetary benefits with it – from continuing to make the right impression with guests for repeat custom, avoiding the added cost and pressure of emergency callouts or even the availability of parts that mean you can repair rather than replace.

bathroom in black and white with a wood vanity and hansgrohe fittings

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There is a significant change in our buying habits happening, as more of us move away from responding to trends and replacing items regularly to carefully selecting products that will last for years to come. For hotels, this is where products known for high quality materials, innovative design, and robust testing processes can really come into their own.

Looking for products that are tested with water or air to get as close to the bathroom experience as possible before leaving the factory, is one way to ensure you are getting the production quality that will help the product withstand years of use. Additionally, it is worth noting whether the materials used are approved for use with drinking water and that every single part complies to the relevant standards. At Hansgrohe products are in fact ‘over-tested’ to ensure robustness of all our showers and taps – in the UK, three bar working pressure tends to be the average water pressure but Hansgrohe products are all tested to sixteen bar as standard.

Technical terms are often bandied around frequently, but with so many brands offering different guarantees and warranties it can be difficult to navigate the products with the most longevity. Manufacturers producing their own mixer cartridges are often more able to back up the reliability of the guarantee on offer, as they know where and how the parts are made. For example, opting to use Hansgrohe showers or taps when upgrading the bathrooms in a hotel, will include a five-year manufacturing guarantee for the whole product for that added peace of mind.

However, it also needs to look good during this time too. It stands to reason that aesthetic longevity is just as important as function when it comes to securing ongoing guest confidence and satisfaction. If installing a chrome or a trend-led finish, such as Polished Gold Optic, clients will want it to stay this way and not look worn after a few years of use. By investing in a refined finishing process that is resistant to external factors, we can offer a colour intensity that is durable. As a result, the Premium PVD coatings last for up to 50-years and 25-years for our special lacquer finishes.

With the initial outlay of a bathroom being a bigger, considered purchase, knowing you have products in place that can be repaired over a longer period, is a further valuable – and sustainable – point. The spare parts guarantee on Hansgrohe products is upheld for up to 15 years after the product is discontinued, saving not only on having to replace the whole product but also helping avoid longer, more complicated jobs that require having to disrupt tiling and flooring unnecessarily.

Indeed, when a bathroom look comes together, having to replace a shower can be the cause of many headaches for hoteliers. Not only does it have the obvious impact of the room being out of use but also could mean cutting into tiling, having to make good repairs or retile completely. Here, a universal fitting that can be accessed with ease, and should it be required, the shower replaced using the same in-wall fitting, comes into its own. To make it simple not only to fit but also to access to replace or repair, Hansgrohe has invested heavily in the development of products that can provide flexible solutions. The iBox is designed to make concealed valve installations as straight-forward as possible from the outset and is a single point of installation for most shower valves, from fully thermostatic to manual versions.

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The iBox can also be used with a selection of wall mounted multifunctional showerheads, three-way diverters and even a selection of wall mounted electronic basin mixers, to suit the look you are creating. Its circular design also makes it virtually impossible to fit incorrectly for quicker renovations. And, giving a further future-proof, sustainable element to its design, it can remain in place and simply be updated with the latest designs and colours without breaking into the tiled finished wall if needed.

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