Scuba Dive Vacation spot In South Africa – Rocky Bay

One particular of South Africa’s finest saved techniques, this team of reefs lies between two and four kilometers offshore and at a depth of 20 to forty meters it is for sophisticated divers. Only 10 minutes travel south of Umkomaas/Aliwal Shoal.

Landers Reef:

Ordinary Depth 21 – 32 Meters : Large pinnacle, big boulders, crevices and substantial gullies with small sand patches in between the reefs, caves and overhangs

Finger Reef :

Average depth 22 – 35meters: Merely the very best, untouched, unspoilt reef close to!

Butchers Reef:

Normal Depth 18 -25 Meters : Boulders, rocks with major crevices and gullies are characteristic of this reef north of Landers. The reef has a wall like development that is around 6 meters high. Tropical fish like Trumpetfish, Geometric Moray Eel, Natal sea catfish, speckled shrimpfish, Batfish and Bogus stonefish are just some of the species found right here. There is a resident Loggerhead turtle that sleeps in 1 of the numerous caves and overhangs. This reef is also known as the Juvenile Nursery. Many species of tough and gentle coral.

Cowry Reef:

Regular Depth 19 – 25 Meters : Large boulders scattered all-around with sand patches in between and ledges with overhangs and modest holes in the reef in which Triggerfish conceal. There are quite a number of distinct species of Cowry shells on this reef sitting subsequent to or on the huge sea sponges. Coral lifestyle is made up of delicate coral like Lifeless-man’s finger, numerous hues of Polyp coral swinging in the surge, Black coral trees as properly as Environmentally friendly Fern coral with clouds of Goldies swimming close to it. Also be on the seem out for Nudibranchs different hues and sizes. Hard coral is composed of Sleek horned coral and Leather-based coral.

Outside the house Landers:

Typical Depth 20 – 28 Meters: A wall of reef that operate from North to South. On the ledge you can find Pinnacles that type an enclosure for maritime lifestyle. The boulders make awesome swim through’s and gullies. Most of the prevalent tropical fish species witnessed here even though this is a single of the deeper dives and there are likely to be thermo clines here and there. Batfish, Fusiliers, Ragged Tooth Sharks, Nudibranchs and Rock Lobsters are a common sight amongst the many coral species.

Umzamai wall:

Common Depth 23 – 39 Meters: Massive boulders, with significant crevices, scattered rocks and gullies to swim as a result of. On the inshore side there is a wall pretty much 20 meters substantial with ledges and a cave on the northern aspect. Massive black coral trees, Polyp coral, White and Pink Thistle coral, Green Fern coral and heaps more to be noticed on this untouched reef. The fish in this area are inquisitive and not used to divers. Major Moorish Idols, Snappers, Triggerfish, Model Tobies, & Boxy’s.