Barbacoa is exceptionally well-known in a lot of components of Mexico and the United States. States shut to the border know barbacoa as a scrumptious meat item, obtainable only on the weekends as a particular Sunday breakfast food. Others try to eat barbacoa with regularity, experiencing it any time or any day.

So What just is barbacoa? It is not “barbecue” in Spanish, as numerous imagine. In central Mexico, it signifies goat or lamb meat wrapped in large leaves and roasted on scorching coals. In Texas, Mexican ranch arms applied cattle heads for this roasting technique. Essentially, they wrapped the heads in the leaves (afterwards it was foil), and buried them in the ground with scorching coals. Dining establishments experienced even adopted very similar approaches of cooking these heads (cabezas).

As the a long time went by, dining establishments had to stop burying the heads because of well being codes. Now, they roast and steam the heads in ovens, which has basically been effective to the dining places. A a lot larger team of followers has taken a liking to this type of cooking method.

To prepare dinner genuine barbacoa at household, it will just take a quite superior relationship with your butcher or slaughter property manager. But thankfully for you, the head of a cow is usually thrown absent in numerous pieces of the United States. Your connection with your butcher will avert this, and enable you to acquire the heads at pretty low charges, or even free of charge in some circumstances.

So once you have secured a excellent resource of cattle heads, how will you prepare dinner this at household? A person of the incredibly finest procedures of cooking a cow’s head for barbacoa is to steam, or roast it in a substantial, electric powered turkey roaster. It operates completely, and will create some of the best barbacoa since the “burying in grime” age.

Comply with these tactics for fantastic barbacoa results. This will make about 2 lbs . of meat, or sufficient to feed 6 to 8 hungry breakfast diners. Now do not become hesitant about working with these procedures. You will be accomplishing this due to the fact of your like of fascinating foods, and barbacoa is just just one of them.


1 20 to 25 pound cow’s head, skinned and cleaned
1 cup dry rub (recipe underneath)
2 Onions, slice in 50 percent
18″ heavy-obligation aluminum foil

Rinse the head properly out with a hose. Reduce out the tongue (if nevertheless there), and reserve for one more intriguing meal. Sprinkle the dry rub all about the head and area it, brow down, in an 18-quart roaster. If it does not suit properly, angle it to make it match.

Increase 8 cups of h2o and the onions, then go over. If the roaster lid does not healthy, position two sheets of large foil in excess of the top of the roaster and seal it.

Flip the roaster oven to 350 levels F., and warmth for about one particular hour, till the water is boiling rapidly. Reduce the heat to 250 degrees and permit the head to steam for about 12 several hours, or overnight. The cheek meat must effortlessly pull off the bone when it is accomplished. At this time, pull off all of the meat and discard the jaw bones. You will then uncover yet another huge piece of meat inside. Take away that meat and any other that is nevertheless attached to the bones.

Reduce absent any excessive body fat, cartilage, or blackened meat, but do not more than-clean the meat. It is the small bits of body fat that presents barbacoa a special texture.

Chop the meat and set it in a bowl. Wet it down with a little of the cooking liquid to keep it moist. Provide instantly as a filling for sizzling flour or corn tortillas. Garnish with your choice of the merchandise below, or add your own.

Dry Rub Recipe:

3 tablespoons salt
1/4 cup chili powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion

Combine all components jointly.


Lime quarters
Chopped onion
clean cilantro, chopped
Your favourite salsa