Staycation or the joys of garden holidays - The first guidebook for holidays in your own garden

Daniela Cortolezis proves that you don’t need international travel to have a great holiday.

Daniela Cortolezis takes readers of “Staycation or the joys of garden holidays” to what may be the most beautiful holiday destination in the world.

Due to the current corona crisis, a lot of people have no choice but to spend their holidays at home. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. After all one of the most beautiful of holiday destinations is right at people’s fingertips: their own garden. For all those who choose to spend their holidays at home either volunterarily or because of the current situation, this book is a somewhat different book about gardening that will get them in the mood for a vacation in their very own paradise. In this remarkable guidebook, Daniela Cortolezis transports her readers on a voyage of discovery through their own garden. But wouldn’t that just mean that people spend their holidays at home, just to keep doing whatever they normally do? It definitely does not! Page by page, this book shows readers how much fun it can be to spend the summer at home while getting the utmost enjoyment from their own garden.

Thanks to the inspiring information in “STAYCATION OR THE JOYS OF GARDEN HOLIDAYS” by Daniela Cortolezis, readers do not have to face exhausting air travel. They won’t have to pack a suitcase and don’t have to worry about abandoning their garden.  There will be no waiting around, no queueing, no rowdy strangers on the other side of flimsy walls. Holidaying in their green oasis is simply exquisite: readers will be able to unwind, laze away the hours, hug a tree, amble barefoot across the dewy grass, recharge their batteries, become one with nature and explore the world of their own green abode like a globetrotter. The first ever guidebook for holidays in their garden takes readers directly to what may be the most beautiful holiday destination in the world and awakens an enthusiasm for the delights to be discovered amongst the deckchairs and secateurs.

“STAYCATION OR THE JOYS OF GARDEN HOLIDAYS” by Daniela Cortolezis is now available from tredition or can be ordered through retail using ISBN 978-3-347-33783-1. tredition assists young and unknown authors with publishing their own books, but also cooperates with publishers and publishing houses. tredition publishes books in print and digital formats, distributes locally and online, and actively markets all titles.

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