Take yourself to the coast with four of our favourite luxury travel destinations by the water

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From getting a boost in vitamin D and breathing in the fresh sea air along with taking a dip in the therapeutic salt waters and listening to the relaxing melody of the crashing waves, it’s safe to say that a beach holiday offers more than just a vacation, it has been shown to positively improve our overall wellness.

Taking time off from a busy lifestyle and getting plenty of opportunities to try new activities, dining on delectable foods or simply resting and aiming to return home more rejuvenated are just some ways in which you can enjoy your time at the beach and utilising those aforementioned therapeutic benefits will go a long way in ensuring your health is nurtured in a holistic way.

The world is full of luxury travel destinations with plenty of amazing white sandy beaches and luxury resorts for you to experience and there are so many amazing destinations that are pure paradise. If you’re looking for the spot for your next luxury travel destination, then you’re in luck as we’ve gathered four of the most luxurious beach destinations to head to for a break like no other.



The island of Bali is one of the most amazing places in the world. It is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a luxury vacation filled with tranquillity and calm days by the beach. The island is known for its amazing white sandy beaches, while the traditional Balinese culture is also worth delving into while you’re on your vacation. Experience the rice paddies, the lush forests and the Balinese food.

If you are looking for the most luxury hotels, you can find them on Jimbaran Bay, it’s often called the Beverly Hills of Bali. Do yourself a favour and try the amazing Balinese seafood restaurants, while a stay at the five-star Ayodya Resort – one of the most luxurious resorts in Bali is sure to please.



One of the most luxurious places on the planet is Monaco and this is in no small part thanks to its array of glamourous hotels, luxury yachts and great shopping experiences, while its location on the coast only serves to solidify its status. Extravagant hotels hold luxurious rooms, highly rated restaurants and boast enviable views as well as opulent casinos to put you in the centre of the action.

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, visit the Casino de Monte Carlo on your trip to Monaco, it is one of the most breath-taking casinos in the world. Here, you can enjoy a flutter at the poker or roulette table and hopefully be in with a chance of returning home with more money in your pocket. You can also make use of an online casino if you’re looking for the chance to potentially win money while you’re away, perhaps the beach is too tempting to move from or your coastal villa is simply so inviting and you don’t want to leave, at least you have options.  



If you are looking to combine the luxury of living your vacation life on the beach with amazing nature experiences, you should start planning a trip to Hawaii. You can experience no less than six volcanos while having one of the most beautiful and diverse environments in the world on your doorstep.

If you want the most luxurious Hawaiian experience, you should head to the west coast of Maui. Here, you’ll find extravagant luxury resorts, classy fine-dining restaurants, golf courses and high-class designer boutiques. If you choose to stay in Maui, you can visit the world’s largest dormant volcano or go to Black Rock at Kaanapali Beach – there are plenty of things to do here, both if you’re the adventurous type or are looking for a more relaxing vacation. Hawaii is the perfect destination for a relaxing luxury holiday in the most beautiful surroundings.



Nothing says super luxury like an overwater villa on a paradisiacal isle with a private plunge pool and a whole host of resort facilities to indulge your time in, and there’s nowhere better for this type of trip than the Maldives. Tropical sunshine, breath-taking natural beauty, experiences galore – if it’s snorkelling, fine foods, luxuriating by the pool, enjoying an outdoor cinema experience at the beach and getting up close with nature you desire, then this is the place to go. Five-star resorts abound and each boast their own private slice of paradise – perfect for that rejuvenating beach trip you need.

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Take yourself to the coast with four of our favourite luxury travel destinations by the water