Video reveals how trapped teenagers were saved from rolled car balanced on riverbank

The aftermath of the crash in Highley
The aftermath of the crash in Highley

Stuart Griffths and a colleague from Bridgnorth-based J and J Grab Hire and Tipper services sprung into action when a car with three teenagers inside left the road and rolled down a steep bank at around 8.15am on Thursday.

The crash happened on the B4555 close to the Bache Arms pub in Highley, between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster.

The car was stopped when it hit a tree but was still in danger of dislodging it before the duo stopped their truck, scrambled down the bank and quickly wrapped winches stored in the back of it around the car to secure it.

They held the car in place and reassured the teenagers who were frightened and distressed until the emergency services arrived.

The fire service sent crews from Bridgnorth, Much Wenlock and Wellington to the scene along with an operations officer and the rescue tender and used a winch and rope hoist to stabilise the car.

Chris White, the temporary group manager at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service said had it not been for the actions of the two, the outcome could have been different.

He said: “The youngsters had a lucky escape, had it not been for the car first hitting the tree, then the two people in the lorry behind acting so quickly, the car could have rolled further down the bank and they could have been seriously injured.

The aftermath of the crash near Bridgnorth. Photo: OPU Shropshire
Three teenagers were trapped after the car they were in rolled over

“Undoubtedly their actions prevented a potential disaster and they acted very calmly and professionally to secure the car until we could arrive and release the teenagers who were very shaken but otherwise OK.”

Stuart said: “We were on our way to a call-out when we saw the car leave the road and just acted instinctively. It was lucky we were travelling behind and had the equipment in the truck to help.

“I knew it could be a serious situation because of the sheer length of the side of the bank so had to scramble down and check people were still in the car which had rolled a couple of times because they could have been thrown out.

“Luckily they were and we tried to reassure and comfort them until the emergency services arrived but they had quite a lucky escape because in other circumstances the vehicle could have travelled further and if it had been a motorist behind they may not have had the equipment to help.

“Me and Jamie were just relieved the winches held the car and kept it safe until the fire service and the ambulance crews arrived, and that they escaped unscathed.”

West Midlands Ambulance Service said that staff assessed all three patients with each one discharged from ambulance care at the scene.