What’s ALOS and the way do you calculate it?

Whilst this could be your first idea, ALOS is extra than simply some other fancy hospitality acronym. It’s a key lodge metric to trace if you wish to optimise your distribution, cut back prices and building up earnings.

On this article, you’ll in finding the whole thing you want to learn about ALOS, and how you can use it to additional enhance your house’s effects.

What’s ALOS?

ALOS abbreviates ‘moderate period of keep.’ It refers back to the moderate selection of nights visitors keep at your house over a given time. For instance, in case your ALOS used to be 4.5 in Q3, 2022, each and every reserving right through that quarter used to be for 4.5 days on moderate.

ALOS most often shifts all through the yr, relying at the season and its respective trip patterns. It additionally differs relying at the assets kind, location and target audience. Hotels that welcome most commonly recreational visitors frequently have an extended ALOS. Then again, town homes with a focal point on trade travellers most often see visitors keep fewer days.

Within the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, ALOS trended upwards for lots of holiday leases and motels in scenic places as other folks embraced the theory of staycations and far off running preparations.

How do you calculate the typical period of keep?

Calculating ALOS is simple. Resolve the typical period of keep for visitors at your lodge by way of following those steps:

  • Upload up the selection of room nights booked for a given time (e.g. one month, quarter or a customized length).
  • Upload up the selection of reservations for a similar time.
  • Divide the selection of room nights by way of general reservations to get your ALOS.